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How To Maintain Traffic/Visibility 24/7

Hello Fiverr Community,

Some persons in the forums and via messages have been wondering how to maintain visibility, traffic or simply stay competitive when they’ve not yet ranked on the first page of High Rating or possibly not yet a Level 2, Top Rated or featured seller.

  1. One of the prominent methods if you’re not working as a team is to utilize the refresh always add-on/extension for Chrome or Firefox. The prominent one for Chrome is called “Super Auto Refresh” which can be found and added in about 30 seconds from a Google search. After installing this, it will allow you to choose a page/tab that you’d like to refresh every “custom” seconds/minutes you like; this will keep your Fiverr profile constantly ‘online’ as long as that PC remains connected to the internet (even while you sleep) to keep you in the search results when buyers hit “show online sellers”. Firefox has two good options, namely “Auto Refresh” and “ReloadEvery”. (Recommend only using if you’re a seller who responds to requests within a few hours, else it may do more harm than good for your rep).

  2. The Fiverr App. This works pretty well in maintaining an ‘online’ status, so long as you are logged in on the app and keep it open.

  3. Last but not least, if you work a 9-5 and pretty much consider Fiverr your evening/second job, Android devices/smartphones have apps that function the same as the items in the first point. Two of these are “Dolphin Tab Reload” and “Auto Refresh Web Page Utility” from the play store; others may be available from the Apple market, but one who uses an Apple device may research on that further.

On a lighter note, one may sit at their PC with coffee for Hours and literally browse Fiverr relentlessly, or hit F5 on their keyboard until the button pops out.

Have a great week! :slight_smile:



Agreeing with @kjblynx. Neither the website nor the App keeps you online at all times. After a while of inactivity, the profile goes offline until you conduct some form of activity once again.



The 1st idea you have is interested, thanks for the tips x


Don’t you think this will be cheating and make buyers experience bad? Cause you will not be sitting infront of your PC/Laptop whole the time if you use this and if any Buyer sends you a message he/she will see that you are online but you will not be responding. So, the buyer will feel like you are kinda not interested.

What will be your Reviews in this?

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I use this method to maintain visibility and although sometimes potential buyers will wind up waiting longer than they might like, I’m still pretty quick to respond. Of course, the Fiverr app is the last thing I check at night and the first thing I check in the morning.


@taverr - This will in no way negatively impact you as a seller if your goal is to gain sales.

  1. As an effective seller, you will almost always have your phone or device nearby which has the App installed. If you’re away from your PC and get messages on your phone from buyers who see you online, you’re sure to respond within a fairly good time frame, whereas if you’re not online, you’ll ‘never’ show in their results when they hit “Show online sellers”.

  2. Some buyers will see your gig as an exact fit for what they’re looking for and order right away, possibly leaving you with 10-12 new orders when you wake up in the morning.

It is up to you if you see these things as negative results. A true entrepreneur will always go above and beyond to ensure success even while they sleep.


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It seems all the sellers serious about Fiverr check their Fiverr App before bed and as soon as they rise. Good job with this - seeing you’re even up to 74 reviews after 2 months of joining!


Although I have not heard much about it, I did read some time back that Fiverr will take action against sellers who are “online but not online”. How they judge that would probably be as successful as their spam filtering so I doubt they have done much about it.
Worth remembering before using an extension that constantly refreshes the page though, if they do ever start checking up on this then it would be a fairly obvious giveaway.

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Great tips! I have started to use them. Thanks!

Well, the only problem with that is that buyers will be pestering you:

Hey, are you there?
Hey, I want to make an order, why aren’t you answering?

Then they’ll be angry and order from someone else. Honestly, I dislike the online feature, I don’t know why Fiverr keeps changing the platform. Why not encourage buyers to place orders? What’s next? 1-hour deliveries? 5-hour deliveries? People do Fiverr because they don’t want to work normal office hours, and since Fiverr is global, it shouldn’t matter whether a seller is online or offline. If the gig is active, just order already.


LOL… just order already. :smiley:

Sometimes it’s good to have a little conversation to avoid having to cancel, don’t you think? @fastcopywriter


I will agree that this could be a good tip, but I’m also of the opinion that a lot of sellers on here are trying to work the system, and jimmy rig all sorts of ways to get orders. While they are all fine and dandy… nothing improves orders and business more than quality work delivered on time. You see… many sellers on here try to skate by with providing work that isn’t up to par, so if you just give them something that’s above and beyond expectations, you’ll have more customers than you’ll know what to do with.

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Thank you. This is nice idea to keep you “green” :slight_smile:

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Yeah, sometimes some will do that… but then, as a new seller, i’m certain that would be a dream seeing they are most times desperate for those first few orders or some form of acknowledgement/chance to get the ball rolling.

More experienced sellers may not do this, but hey - it could help when there’s a drought or a massive drop in your rankings/sales.


Not really, you may have the nicest conversation before they order, then they order and become horrible clients.

I’ve been stung by plenty of “Dear” people. You know, the ones that message you with “dear.” :slight_smile:


Those buyers are definitely the ones who cause existing sellers to ‘not’ want to stay online. We can just call them ‘dear’ buyers.

@fastcopywriter - actually preparing a post for this in the Buyers’ section.

I’m eager to read it.

Posted - Should see it in the top 10 thereabout

Can you give me a suggestion on something?
My account was removed from search results for some reason
Before that I had very good traffic on my gig
Now my account is back in search results but I’m not getting any traffic
Any suggestions how I can get traffic back?

From past few days I’m getting orders from social media or from my old chats

@irfanisrael - cant say for sure what caused it to disappear from the search, but a number of persons seem to have noticed a slight decrease in traction since the Fiverr search algorithm changed. You will possibly even see newer sellers with less reviews etc. above yours in the search categories as well.

Main thing is to keep delivering, keep getting reviews (daily if possible) to keep your weekly/monthly average relatively high to remain competitive. The tips in this thread may help, as the more you’re online, the more you’ll show in search results from buyers looking for online sellers to action their queries promptly. Please share if any changes occur.

Kind Regards,