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How to make 1000+ dollars per month ? (i dont know the answer i am just asking)

I am a new seller on fiverr, i only need two more completed orders to get to level one. which i hope will be done soon. but I want the experienced people here to tell me how can anyone make 1000 dollars at least here on fiverr…

If to do the math, it will be 250 dollars per week. So how can anyone do it ? and is it very possible to maintain this kind of income for at least 12 consecutive months or not ?

thanks in advance for your time

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It is totally possible! My biggest suggestion would be to make sure that your $5 gig is something that you can do in a reasonable amount of time. If you’re promoting yourself and getting a good response, how much money you can make will ultimately come down to how much time in a day you can devote work. If you’re working one or two hours for every $5, you’re never going to have enough time to make that kind of money.

Of course, sometimes newbies will offer a lot more work/value than they would once they’re established, just to get established, and that’s totally fine, and you want to be competitive in your section, but unless you’re a robot who can work all day, every day and never sleep, how much money you make will ultimately come down to how many gigs you can handle in a day.

By the numbers, it breaks down to selling 250 $5 gigs a month, or ~8 gigs a day. I’m doing between 2 and 3 gigs a day, but growth is steady and I hope to hit that goal - 10 gigs a day - in the next two months. At the moment, I’m a level 1 seller, but I’ve got 49 finished sales, and 4 more delivered just waiting to be marked as completed. I think once I hit level 2, I’ll get a lot more traffic.

My experience so far, and the advice I would give, is to focus on delivering a great product with strong customer service. That’ll build your repeat clients and help you climb the Fiverr seller levels, and with the higher levels you’ll get more exposure, more sales, and so on.

Is it possible to maintain these kinds of sales? I think so. Judging from my sales success so far, my conversion rate keeps going up and I’m getting more sales more often. If you’re interested, you can read about what I’m doing here: Of course, it’s also like what @Emasonwrites says: how much work can you really handle? You have to find the balancing point between offering a great service and the amount of time you invest into the service.

It is very doable on here… I wont disclose how much I make but will say its pretty simple once you get established as @emasonwrites stated.

Every week will obviously vary but If you pick gigs that people want they will come to you keeping a steady flow. I started just before Christmas 2014 and up until this month Jan was my best so far.

The secret is to not get frustrated, and stick with your guns when doing these. Don’t let it take your life away.

I try to empty my cue by Saturday and maybe spend 2 hours a day on gigs throughout the week… depending on what is needed. The most I spent was 5 hours in an evening but that was a $180 day and we were going on a road trip the next day.

Once things get going Your Que will grow and if you miss a day you will have to make it up one way or another. Even with repeat buyers.

Tip #1: Try to leave some in the Que to allow for people to order your 24 hour gig extras… this will bring in more money overall and will encourage you to do more.

Tip #2: Don’t let your gigs get out of hand going too long where you wont have room for modifications if requested.

Tip #3: Remember The buyer is important here. When you get frustrated don’t be afraid to communicate with the buyer. communication is key.

Tip #4: Mutual cancellation can and will become something you will encounter sooner or later. use it if you just can’t do what they buyer is requesting. This will prevent you from getting negative reviews for not providing the buyer with what he/she feels they should get.

Attached is screens of today’s Que for my wife and I and what was turned in (not completed by buyer) wed through today. Today’s cue may take us around 3 hours due to the complexity of one of them.

Your question is really important. If you only visualize Fiverr work as part time fun money, you won’t develop it into something more than that.

When I started I imagined that $500.00 a month would be great and I put steps into place to pace myself for that. I just needed some extra money. Then I saw that people were making $1000.00 and $2500.00 a month.

If I hadn’t seen that it was possible, I wouldn’t have taken it serious enough and built the gigs to make that happen.

Keep absolutely no negative feedback. 100% positive.

Focus on completing 100 jobs on one gig. That will also get you to level 2. This will get the 1 gig off the ground.

After you get to level 2 you will be able to average 3-6 $25.00 gigs. You just have to figure out which gigs those are for you.

I have great $5.00 offers. I have spectacular $25.00-$50.00 offers. This gets my average sale to about $30.00.

Look for gigs that easily become frequent reorders. That way you keep customers longer and that builds more momentum.

You are off to a great start.

THANK YOU ALL for all your precious tips !!

I have to agree with landongrace. I at first imagined only $100 a month so that’s all I made. Fiverr allows you to think BIG, $1000 a month is very possible but definitely watch the feedback though. Starting out, I didn’t realize how much of a difference 95% to 100% feedback makes. Keep the feedback strong and be consistent. Good luck to you

Similar questions are asked all the time on this website and it is possible. As with any business, the orders will start off slow. When you get more established on the site, you will get more loyal customers.

Try to upsell your gigs, it’s fiverr, but that doesn’t mean that you should necessarily work for $5. If you’ve ever worked in sales, you’ll understand that this is a very important factor.

Think of it like a low cost airline, you can get plane tickets from the UK to any European county for £10 with the likes of Ryan air. If however you would like your luggage to follow, a meal on the plane and fast check in your fare soon increases. What they do is show you a low price, that you can get, but isn’t necessarily the best option and then they sell you extras that make your flight more enjoyable and comfortable.

Since I see many responses about upselling, I still did think it might be interesting to point out that if you prefer variety and fast work, you can really make Fiverr work to your advantage. You can make small money but really fast or bigger money slower and end up at the same place depending on your style.

An e-book got me into Fiverr and the author suggested creating fantastic $5 gigs and not working hard at the upsell but trying to knock out 10-15 orders a day ($40-60 a day) and only work 5-20 minutes on each order after hitting level 2. Some buyer have tight budgets or just really love bargains and will come back to you many times over for those wham-bam jobs. End result is still $800-1200 a month IF you only work 5 days a week and with the inevitable occasional upsell it should average out. Most sellers work more than that anyway, but it’s important that it can be done.

On the other hand, as others have said, you can focus on the upsell for the same or even bigger results and that is a great route too. I just wanted to point out that Fiverr doesn’t have to be one size fits all to make 1K a month or lots more. For me personally, I land in the middle. I love $5 jobs when they are a good fit but upsells are common in my field, so I don’t focus on one or the other. I also haven’t promoted heavily or optimized gigs great for either type of sale, so I’ve limited my own success, but I hope to push over that hump!

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Yep, @fonthaunt nailed it. I’ve got $5 gigs I can knock out in fifteen minutes and they are a true delight to work with. Plus the feedback when you return a perfect, over-delivered order in twenty minutes is golden. :slight_smile: And then I’ve got the gig that can turn into a 50 or a hundred dollar order and can take a few weeks of back and forth but turns into a long-term relationship.

@kingoftheweb555 It is generally not the best idea to contact people by private message on the forum unless you want to buy something, or unless you’ve gotten to know them well enough to know they might be interested in chatting.

Next, I am not a “man” although I understand that it is a common form of address among friends. If you are going to send an unsolicited message to someone on a professional site it might be best to be professional unless they are personal friends of yours.

Finally, I do not engage in manipulation of search status and prefer to gain status naturally. When I favorite a gig it is always because I have a direct interest in buying that gig in the future. I don’t do favorite exchanges.

Sorry if this was blunt but I just really don’t appreciate unsolicited messages when a forum response would do just as well. Therefore, I am responding to you in the forum. No hard feelings. Good luck on Fiverr and have a nice day!

Reply to @fonthaunt: Ok i will not call you “man” again or any of this “friends calling” addressors, And for sure I will not contact you again at all. But as I said, I am a new seller here on fiverr, and an old seller here (i will not bring his name, because i have deceny) told me about this, so anyone in my place would have done the same.

But actually another seller i contacted sent me in a decent way in private messages that this is not right, and can get negative impact on future. so I said ok no problem i didnt know. and already deleted every message i sent to anyone . and PROBLEM SOLVED.

But you “not my friend”, can learn to take it easy more, this is not the greatest attitude of an “experienced” member here dealing with “unepxerienced” sellers here, would like to learn a tip or two

Sorry again for contacting you as a friend, and sorry even for contacting you


TOP 5 Overall Best TIPS:

  1. Maintain Positive feedbacks
  2. Promote Your Gig Anywhere on the Internet (ALWAYS MAINTAIN)
  3. Love Your Clients and Your WORK and Be Friendly, Honest and Polite.
  4. FAST Response and Be GUIDED to your clients
  5. Nailed Your Buyer’s ATTENTION with your AWESOME AD Cover Photo and Correct Grammar Descriptions.

    And Last But Not Least

    Stay Focus and Keep Gigging :slight_smile:

Reply to @kingoftheweb555: I realize I went about that post too strong and and I apologize. It comes from getting many messages from people that I chatted with in the forums only to recieve all kinds of mail. I got people begging me to buy gigs, asking how to Skype (another way to get banned) and asking for favorites too. Some of them got ugly about it and called me names I can’t repeat when declined their requests. So, I get jumpy and I’m sorry.

The “man” thing doesn’t seem professional to me with new colleagues but I’m also just literally not a man, I’m a woman. I did sincerely mean it when I wished you luck even if I was being otherwise a grouch. Again, though, good luck on Fiverr and I hope you exceed your 1K goal in no time.

Reply to @fonthaunt:

ok don’t worry, no hard feelings for sure.

And sorry again for calling you a man, it was kinda ignorant from me because

i didn’t consider the possibility that you can be a female !

SORRY AGAIN, didn’t mean it :slight_smile:

thanks for your good luck wish

Reply to @thekillers360:

I do all what you stated, expect the outsite promotion. I do have superb relationship with my current clients, as i give them very good communication. and i do deliver something that is much much much more expensive anywhere outside. but i am doing it because i like it. and because i really don’t know anywhere else to sell my services, which can get us back to the main problem of oustide promotion…

Can you tell me tips about promoting your gigs outside fiverr ??