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How to make 2d animation video ,short ads

My name is Raheel Saeed .
I am a freelancer. In this topic am telling about how to create 2d animation video, facebook,whatsapp, and many other useful app make ads on it . When you earn money on fiverr and select 2d animation so am said it is useful interest for you . There are many app and software to make short ads , 2d,3d animation , whiteboard, character animation, select this one. When make your gig on your skills fill all needs then take a test on your skills . I think when you have a test there is no chance to stop your first order and online earning

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Hey Raheel, your post doesn’t make much sense.

Is it a guide encouraging people to start animation gigs?

If so, you left out a lot of valuable steps, like how they should first learn the craft, get better at it and find out what their positioning is as a brand.

You just mention that there are a lot of animation programs and they should just get one and start selling.

It is misleading and frankly, shallow.

Edit: Just a suggestion: if you are making videos on YT on how to do stuff on Fiverr but you don’t know how to do said stuff on Fiverr, you won’t find much success.


Did he changed his post because I do not understand his message, but why do you mention YouTube?

??? :eyes:

No there’s no edit.

That’s the original post.

A quick investigation revealed that the OP is a YouTuber with several “how to do X on Fiverr” videos.

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