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How to make 90 rating to make new buyer request


Hi ! am new to the fiverr i got my first sale and i got 73% rating and am not able to make new requst.its showing 90% rating is needed to make new buyer request. Can any one help me .How to make new sales.


You may think about closing this profile and open a brand new one.
Your Gigs are as good as dead if your first delivery got 3.7 stars.
Next time try harder.


visit daily…fiverr wll list your gigs and you can have order and messages



Please, if you don’t know what you’re talking about, then don’t post anything.
You’re just telling the OP to open a second profile to advertise her older one?
Are you actually doing the same?
That’s a serious violation of Fiverr ToS, your accounts will be suspended and/or deleted.
Sometimes is better not to say anything and let people think you may be silly… than opening your mouth and erase any doubt about it…


it dosent mean to have the same person account, it can be your brother or cousin who have their account so you can take help from them and work fro them then they can order you as a result you wll get ratngs…


So you imply having a “review chain”, with friends and family to post obviously 5 stars reviews for her no matter if her work sucks or has low quality?
That’s faking reviews, fraudulent reviews are a serious violation of Fiverr ToS, and your account may be suspended or deleted because of that.
You may go on posting messages like these ones, and giving these fraudulent ideas to other Fiverr sellers… soon Customer Support will read your posts and control your Gigs also…


Hey Mate ! Seriously you are jealous… Fiverr it self say when you are new spread your gigs to family friend so they can give you orders and you work as a result you wll get audience… Lolz i think you are here for just pushing people legs…

and its not compulsory what said is done by you…


Are you being serious?
You can LOL as much as you want… all these posts you’ve just written are violations of Fiverr rules, and when your account will be controlled and/or deleted because you’re spreading these ideas on the Forums, don’t come here to cry.


Just showing here to be good or bad doesnt related your gig service with this, becase we are selling and delivering work quality not good talks or bad talks nor suggestions. Fiverr belive in our quality of work and if buyers are satisfied nothng can take ur reputation.


You will do something good by deleting the two posts you’ve written, before someone from Fiverr staff reads them.
Other than that, I don’t give a rat’s behind for what happens to your Gigs or your Profile.
You’ve been silly enough to post fraudulent ideas on an open Forum.
Take your responsibilities about it.


ok man wll delete it…you take them wrong other wise if read positively its good… but for you i wll delete… :slight_smile: