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How to make a $5 a month on Fiverr


Can we stop these posts yet? They are not tips for sellers. It’s ******** bragging, often accompanied by “borrowed” tips and of course the random ego boost of having hundreds say “woaow!” while hoping that some of those people might order off you because you’re such a champ.

Oh, $5 is easy. Make one sale. We can all achieve that with a tiny bit of effort!




You re right…please tell them emmaki. Thanks for the heads up!


Share your secrets, o wise one. Make your very own post and share the thoughts of, I don’t know, Billy Mays or someone. Nobody will notice. If they do, you can accuse them of being “mean” or simply ignore them. Both strategies are incredibly efficient.

Don’t forget the doctored screenshots! They will definitely add to your credibility! Then we can crown you King of Fiverr and all go home to watch TV.


You are wrong its 4$.


Following up on that - if you really can’t resist sharing your incredible, unique, breathtaking journey in hopes to get a few generic praises from people who don’t really care and just want to get seen on forums, Fiverr has already organized this for you!

Believe it or not, there is a whole FORUM SECTION called Fiverr Stories! Please go there!

Thanks for sharing how to make $5 a month though, @emmaki - this tip is actually useful and should stay here.


Okay, this is the first time I laughed out loud when I read a Forum thread’s name.

"Oh, $5 is easy. Make one sale.
But one sale is only $4 :frowning:

How do you get to TRS in a week, though?
Thanks in advance.


I just revealed who I started on making my 2nd million :slight_smile:
Let’s keep the forum useful with information like that.


Trust me there are many, many of those who cant even sell one gig on fiverr and end up cursing it like its the worst thing ever to come on the internet.


I tried to make $5 a month on Fiverr but somehow ended up making more, am I doing something wrong?


Here’s my super hot tip to help everyone looking to make $5 on Fiverr.

Step 1) Go to buyers request.

Step 2) Say “I will do that thing you want that you are paying money for.”

Step 3) Do that thing that they are paying for.

Step 4) ???

Step 5) Profit.

I’m with Emmaki. There’s literally an avalanche of information and tips and stuff that are all just repeats of the same thing: Make a gig, promote yourself, do a good job, be active and look for work. It’s not helping anyone by just having the same thing repeated over and over.


Tips for Sellers was probably a terrible forum category to add. How many different types of tips can you possibly hope to share? Most of it is just recycled content.


Nice tips!


People just copy.


OMG sir, you are doing everything wrong!! Stop! Stop doing it now before it is too late!!! Otherwise you will make too much money!!


Oh I SO want to know what step 4 is!!!


You are wrong too, its $1 after reducing other costs.


Hahahahaha I like the title :slight_smile:


really…$1???..still we all are working and earning here.


“How do you get to TRS in a week, though?”

You can’t. It’s decided by Fiverr’s staff.