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How to make a buyer request for a website revamp?


As the title says, these guidelines are only meant for buyers who are looking for a website developer. I usually don’t like writing longs posts, but one of the moderators proved that there are still users who care to read these and most likely I’ll share this link with buyers who had a poor experience with buyer requests.
None of these tips will stop spammers and you still need to do the background check, but at least you’ll improve your chances finding a seller who can actually do the job.

Are you ready?

Before writing a buyer request you should first do some basic analysis and fully understand what exactly do you need. What I mean is that, if you have trouble with conversion, then you need to do a proper site audit to understand the root cause. If your products are not selling because you have a poorly written sales copy, then you need a copywriter not a developer. If you’re attracting wrong target audience then you need SEO service not a developer.
Now, if you don’t know how to analyze user behavior and low traffic/conversion, then start with a website audit.

##Background information
Let’s assume you’ve done your research and you’re confident you need to revamp your site. Start your request by explaining what is the purpose of your site, who’s your target audience and why do you need the revamp in the first place.

  • Knowing the purpose of your site will help us identify measurable goals
  • Target audience will shape your website’s design, functionality and structure.
  • There has to be a data-driven justification for your website revamp.

Example: “I need an online store to sell camping equipment. 70% of my target audience are men between the ages of 25 to 40 living in Canada. The current site is not mobile-friendly and I need my own eCommerce solution because 80% of visitors clicking on Amazon links are not converting.”

Existing solution

Provide your current website address. Let developers audit your site because quite often we find problem areas that you haven’t even thought about. Besides, how do you expect to get a proper offer if we are not able to audit your site?
Tell us what you like and what you don’t like. The more we know about your site and its problems the more realistic price range we can give you for improvements.

##Set your expectations
Every now and then we see buyers asking for a simple, modern and an effective website. Simple & modern might mean completely different things for developers. We are not mind readers. Give examples if possible (design sketches, links to websites you like etc.).

List the key features

You don’t need to outline every single detail, but it would be really helpful if you can list at least 3-4 key features that your website should have. You can even put in a test question to see if sellers have actually read your request and what kind of solution are they planning to use to meet your requirement. However, keep in mind that sellers have 800 characters to respond, so don’t make it into a pop quiz. You can ask more questions when you’ve picked out the top 2-3 candidates.

Here’s an example: “Every email subscriber to my blog should automatically receive a copy of my Ebook. How would you address this requirement?”

Redesigning a website is an investment and usually you get what you pay for. If you’re running an online store and you’re not willing to invest more than $5 into your main sales funnel, then most likely you’re not ready to run the business in the first place.
As soon as you mention that your budget is $5 you’ll instantly nullify the effort you put into writing this request. With minimal budget you’re probably better off with one of those sellers sending you templates because that’s the kind of effort you’ll get for $5.

If you don’t know how much it will cost then let the developer break it down for you. For example, I don’t do a website revamp under $300. Quite often the theme and plugins alone cost up to $150 and I provide full service from start to finish (incl. website audit, theme installation, customization, visual content, performance optimization, SEO, documentation and technical support up to 30 days). I won’t turn this into sales pitch because I believe my reviews speak for themselves :slight_smile:

Final thoughts

At this point you might be thinking it takes too much effort to write a simple request.

  • If you can’t invest 15min of your time to write a proper request then maybe you’re not really serious about the revamp. After all, you’re trying to find a developer to reinvigorate your company’s online identity. It will be the digital face of your company.
  • If you gather your thoughts and think this through, then you can easily get it done under 250 words. Here’s an example on how to write an effective buyer request.

“I own a small beauty salon offering spa treatments to locals at Redmond, WA. I need to move my current site from Wix to Wordpress and redesign it to offer a better user experience on mobile devices. Just to give you an idea what I’m looking for, check out the Beauty Spot and Kendall themes from Themeforest. I don’t need eCommerce functionality, but the site needs to list my services and offer an online booking option. Would it be possible to implement an automatic booking form that calculates prices? I have service descriptions and visual content prepared, but it needs to be optimized for search engines (SEO). I would like this to be done within 2 weeks and budget is $250 (flexible). Regards, Julia.”

If you have any questions then feel free to message me, but please do your homework :slight_smile: