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How to make a Buyer Request

Hi Friends
How i can make a buyer request so buyer will pleased to me for the order.
such as a buyer say that:
I want to make a custom design t shirt for commercial use but I’m new to this and could use some help. If this works out I plan on making more. Who adds the color options to the shirt, the artist or manufacture? Brief Shirt Description - Caption - I Love Summer Main Image - One woman & one man running on a beach. I want it to be noticeable that they’re on the beach; however, I don’t want to make it so busy that it looks bad. They always say less is more. Your Judgement - Ideas - ocean, sand, people relaxing, swimming, kids play with sand castles, etc.

Check this it may help you:


I couldn’t tell you much, but try to convince them (buyers) that you understand what they need and if you don’t understand, ask them (buyers) until you understand and after you understand what they (buyers) need but you can’t do it, don’t do it and find another buyers. But, if you understand and can do it, then do it.

ps : This is just the basic of the interaction between sellers and buyers.

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Really its helpful suggestion


we have to creat a Uniques gig to represent our offers in new style to attract a buyer