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How to make a complain when a seller cancel an order


:rage::rage::rage: * Seller: had agreed on the service which was supposed to be delivered in 10 days, after 10 days he contacted me and asked for 2 more days which I agreed as the deadline is on 29th.

But today the 27th I received a message of cancellation and refunded money from by customer support. Why the seller did not tell me earlier that is unable to do the work? I’ve got only 2 days and been busy at work. I think the customer support should know how to protect the buyers as this is not fair and so frustrated.

How to make a complaint on the issue, please?


You need to remove the username immediately as negatively naming buyers and sellers is against forum rules.

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I think the customer support should know how to protect the buyers as this is not fair and so frustrated.

Here is the link for Customer Support:


You can definitely contact customer care or ask experienced users.:anguished::frowning:


Beyond telling Customer Support that you’re unhappy, there’s nothing more you can do. You can’t review the Seller when a cancellation has been initiated (for good reason). Also, you’ve got your money back, and are now free to source an alternative supplier to get the work done. I don’t know what more you think Customer Support will be able to do for you?

Who knows? Perhaps something came up in his or her life? A family emergency? Sudden illness? We’re all freelancers here, this isn’t Amazon. You’re dealing with real people, and sometimes things happen. Maybe the seller felt they were in over their head and didn’t want to send you shabby work. I’d actually argue that they did the right thing by cancelling, as opposed to sending you sub-quality work.

I do understand your frustration about the time it’s taken, and yes your seller could and should have been more forthcoming with communication. But this is the risk you take dealing with freelancers. If your deadline was that tight, you could have declined the request for extra time, forcing the seller to make a cancellation decision 2 days earlier.

I’m sorry that this has put your project in jeopardy, but I don’t know what more you’re looking for at this point?



In addition to this: this is the risk when dealing with freelancers you’ve never worked with before, on an anonymous platform, and with a somewhat time-sensitive task.

Also, it looks like the seller you’ve mentioned is no longer on Fiverr, so either Fiverr banned them, or they have deleted their own account, possibly because they’re no longer able to work here. If it’s not a glitch and their account is truly gone, there’s really nothing else that Fiverr could possibly do at this point.