How to make a gig orderable more than once?


Hello, I think I may have a potential buyer on one of my gigs who would like to purchase more than 25 of the same gig. Is there anyway to allow buyers to purchase a gig more than once? I remember I think there used to be but I can’t seem to find it now.


Hey, that feature is only available to level sellers.

More information here:


So is there any way for this customer to easily purchase a gig of mine multiple times? That’s kind of a pain, because he’d be ordering a gig at least 100 times.


That’s a really good idea!

The only problem is, I messaged this person saying that Paypal isn’t an option because Fiverr doesn’t allow direct payments and apparently I got a warning for saying that??? Does that pretty much ruin my chance to get a level?

Also, I’ve sold 5 items already with positive feedback. If this buyer purchases 5 more gigs, will that level me up to level 1, or does it need to be 10 unique buyers?


I think, if you have sold 10 items and you didn’t get any negativ feedback, then you will be level 1 seller.