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How to make a good fiverr movie

I am making movie form me Gig’s for the first time.
I am doing maps.
Can anyone give me some tips for a good fiverr movie?

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Can you explain more. If you mean like filming then i watch some youtubers that are doing very good with camera and they also have so many tutorials how to film and what should be done. stuff like that.

I was thinking to make a PowerPoint presentation into an mp4 and than to add a voice over in Fiverr

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My bad. I was thinking in a wrong direction.
Now i am thinking of Camtasia software where you can add images and voice to make a good mp4 but if that’s what you looking for.

I am looking for a good way to make a video. I will pay for a voice overץ

You can find voice over gig here
Fiverr Voice Over

You can check there rating and it usually are 5star plus how many job they done 1k to 40k etc
It’s very easy.
Click one of thumbnail that you like You can buy gig directly by pressing “Proceed to order” or you can click contact me and ask question before buying the gig.
Let me know if you have anymore question.

OMG! I just say your gig.
Sorry. It looks like you know fiverr very well. What did i miss?

I am a Fiverr seller.
I am looking for tips like: what kind of data I must pot in this movie?, what the recommend movie length? and so on.

Yes. Videos should be at least 30 seconds long and at most 60 seconds. Max size is 50mb using mp4 and avi format.

You can check details description here.

Adding a Video to Your Gig