How to make a good impression with buyers (My Buyer is My King.)


I think this topic may be a great help for new sellers in Fiverr.
As my experience many buyers prefer work samples. Because it is a good proof. So always keep samples with you when starting a gig.
And you must update your gig details and images as anyone can easily understand.
I think others also give some tips as their experience.
For me, My Buyer is My King.


I prefer sellers who treat me like a professional for mutual respect.


OK, real life situation that happened to me and others so many times: you get a buyer and they start extorting you, calling you names, threatening you. Is that buyer still your king? :thinking: Feels like Game of Thrones…


That is wrong on so many levels.

Your buyer should be your equal collaborator.

Mutual respect should be very much in play.

The costumer is not always right but our buyers should not be viewed as just walking-talking wallets either.

We are here to meet new people and collaborate on new and challenging projects each and every day. Doing what we love in the process is the cherry on top!

But a buyer as “my king”? You need a pivot in your mental positioning.



Well said.


VIP, friends or any other word but king seems wrong to me.
You can treat your clients as VIP’s and you make sure that your clients will always be satisfied.