How to make a nice looking PDF file?


I am a do it yourself type of person and am wondering about making a .PDF file which I have never done.

I would like to have a nice background and have found a few to use. They are photoshop file types however.

Is there a way to use them as a background for a .PDF file? I know it’s not that hard to make this type of file
and I want to try it out so any guidance about it as far as making one that’s attractive, with a nice
background and layout and fonts would be helpful.


One way I use is to use Word, Powerpoint etc., and then save as a pdf file - no need for any other software.

You could save your photoshop file as a jpg and use this as a background on a page.

Hope this help!


I also want to make it so it can’t be copied easily.
I think I can do this with the watermark feature.


You can use the watermark, or go to page layout, page color, fill effects and choose picture.

If you’re putting text on top of it, it will make it less easy to copy, but not impossible!