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How to make a queue of orders of one gig?

Who else knows how to create a queue? I have 5 days to complete the work, to draw one illustration, but they took two orders at the same time and the counter goes on at the same time, I hardly have time to finish 2 illustrations in 5 days, and if someone else buys the illustration? how to arrange it all?
help me please т.т
sorry for my bad english

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Well that’s how fiverr works and that’s what you need to take into account when setting up your delivery times.

However you can activate “limit orders in queue” and set the numbers of orders that you want.

Oh, I figured it out. Thanks a lot for your help ^^

As @mariashtelle1 has said, it’s how Fiverr works. Setting a realistic delivery time is essential. It’s not just good enough to think ‘what is a realistic time to deliver one gig’ - but to also consider the stress and time pressure of maybe having one client request a revision at the same time as two new clients placing separate orders.

While it’s a scenario that is unlikely to happen, it doesn’t mean it won’t. Trust me, I’ve been there!

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