How to make a report for bad seller?


I want to make report of this seller

He cheat by copy script from other site and claim he doing want I want for $20.

Anybody know how the rule?


Well, first you remove the link that has the seller’s name in it since it is against the forum rules to name sellers or buyers here.




@kjblynx Exactly like she said.


cheezees> Why ? We need to disclose the issues somehow and warn some buyers. We need to have the list of reported sellers becuase many of them are cheaters and liers. I had experience of several orders where they didn’t do what they listed.
I got today the greedy seller who was trying to get as much information as he could and then we had attack on host!!!


If you have problems with a seller, the proper thing to do is to report them to Customer Support.

Naming and shaming is forbidden by the forum rules.


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