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How to make a watercolor logo

hey freelancers…i want help about how to create watercolor logos. any tips???


Use watercolor paints. That’s generally how you make watercolor art of any kind. If you don’t know how to paint with watercolors, there are plenty of tutorials on the internet – particularly Youtube.


You take watercolours, you take paper and brush and drawing what you need to, scan and digitalise.

So… You offer to create feminine watercolor logos, but have no idea how to do it?


i have made several on photoshop and illustrator but i want further tips

I see that you have deleted that gig, and I also see that, in that gig, you stated that the logos you created were completely hand drawn, and yet you now say that you have made several with Photoshop and Illustrator. Were you being dishonest in your gig description?

Anyway, you have received good tips from @jonbaas and @mariashtelle1. The rest is up to you (that is, start creating watercolor art (check out YouTube tutorials if you need it, or enroll into an art course), and keep practicing until you’re good enough to offer it as a professional service).

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No @catwriteris is absolutely right. I checked your gigs and that watercolour gig was with stolen pictures from another person.

So I wouldn’t be surprised if your other gigs also contains stolen work


At least one of them has a description stolen from a Top Rated Seller.