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How to make background transparent in animation

Friends, How can I make BG transparent animation on after effects with low size and mp4 format please help me.

Hello how are you? hope you are fine and doing well. You first need to remove your background from the animation. then go to render by pressing (ctrl+m)
click on lossless and set a custom setting
Format: QuickTime

in video Output
channels: RGB+Alpha
Format Options: png

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There’s no transparent background in an mo4 file. It’s technically impossible.


Render lossless with alpha, open in photoshop and set up an animated gif (you can’t do that if you have any duplicate frames). Every frame can have the duration adjusted.
You didn’t even say what you are using it for. If it’s for for embedding on a website, you can use SVG and HTML5 to create an animated SVG.


I render in AVI format and the final output file was 5Gb and the animation just 20 seconds…This is very large size.

You could make it a single colour which you could key later (such as green). It wouldn’t be transparent but it could be if you applied a key effect to the single colour later. Though the quality wouldn’t be as good as other options.

If you have AE CC2017 you could compress to quicktime png or quicktime jpeg2000 with alpha but that won’t work with later versions of AE (and it won’t be readable in later versions).

You could export it as a png sequence with alpha or the Go Pro Cineform (used with Quicktime) supports transparency (alpha) (though Cineform won’t give a small file size).

You could also output a .gif from the anim but another program (but with a 256 colour limit, 1 of which is for transparency) or maybe an animated png (though not directly through AE. I think you’d need to export it to some other program first).


Thank you all so much very helpful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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