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How to make buyer requests?

I encountered some difficulties with finding buyers.
How can I start selling and where to find the first buyers?

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In order to answer buyer requests, you need to click on More > Buyer Requests in the main menu at the top of

From there, you can see requests that the system considers suitable to you. From there, you can reply to the requests.

I recommend starting with a short introduction, then immediately after that, show the buyer that you have read and understood their request. This part should never be generic and copy-paste, but should be tailored to the request you’re replying to. Towards the end you can list some of your relevant qualifications, and explain why you would be the perfect fit for the task. Keep it short, relevant, and simple, and don’t fill the request with irrelevant stuff.

Beyond that, it depends on who your audience is. I never got a single job from buyer requests because most of my target clients don’t use that part of the site at all, so there’s nothing for me to respond to. So I’m focusing on optimizing my gig for search, having an attractive introduction video, good demos showcasing my work, and a professional gig description. Most of my work comes from people finding me through search.

So if you can’t find that many requests that are relevant to you, I would put all my time into optimizing my gig, rather than sending out replies to requests, or a combination of the two.

The most important thing is to offer something unique, market it correctly, and the jobs should start rolling in (we hope).

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Thank you)
this information is really useful.