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How to make contact

I have received the ordered art work via e-mail, but it is marked “Sample”…I have accepted and need to receive the camera ready product for my book publisher…I have not been able to contact Janiele or anyone from Fiverr to get an answer.

Reply to @fonthaunt: I was not aware of that, i thought they had a main office in CA. Glad to know your ticket was answered at normal speed, though I don’t think that helps the OP here, as I have read that some people do wait several days to get answers from Fiverr.

Where is the product I purchased???

Click on request modification and ask the seller !

Just curious, did the original gig you bought have any “extras” that said anything about commercial licensing? Someone wrote in the forums about a problem like this regarding a watermark being on their illustrations they got back (search tarot card deck and find that thread).

And are you sure that the sample is not just for you to give comments on and make changes? When was the gig supposed to be due and has that time passed yet? YOU accepted the gig, but then did you click the “request modification” button? If not, do that.

You can also send a message to Fiverr Customer Support, but it may take a day or two or more to get back to you, especially since it’s a holiday weekend here.

@tmac1830 , communication with sellers outside of Fiverr is not allowed. Just fyi.

Otherwise, login to your Fiverr profile > My Orders > Select the gig you’ve ordered. Or just open the notifications tab.

Reply to @sincere18: Fiverr CS is probably in Israel, not in the U.S. I don’t think it’s a holiday weekend for them and my open ticket was answered at normal speed.

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Reply to @sincere18: I think a few days is normal. I just meant that they probably aren’t affected by this particular holiday.