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How to make customer interested my gigs

hello guys … I need your help. can teach how make customers interested my gig?

Your gig description is not clear, there is only a screen shot of the Photoshop software,
no actual samples images done by you, and no video. It doesn’t say how exactly the buyers are
going to learn, what kind of method you are going to use to teach them.

The question you need to ask yourself is
"Is my gig interesting enough to get the buyers’s attention?"


I also do not understand what you are selling either.

What will the buyer physically get? Will they get a .pdf with instructions? If so, how many pages is it? Will they get a video of you explaining things?

YOu need to show some before and after photo samples for two reasons, for one thing you need to show YOUR own real work so buyers know if they want to learn tips from you. What if you are really bad at editing, then they do not want to learn from you. But if you show them work that you did, they know you are good.

The other reason is that you have to give people an idea of the types of things they will be able to learn to do? Will you teach them how to remove a background so they can put someone’s photo onto another image? If so, show a before and after example? Things like that.

Reply to @adamhasrul: Why don’t you make a gig to do photshop work for people, instead of giving tips only?

show your sample work!!!

Reply to @adamhasrul: Why don’t you make a gig to do photshop work for people, instead of giving tips only?

Reply to @mariarajput786: True. I do not know if many people come here looking to buy tips, I think many people come her to buy something that they need done so it might work better if you have some good samples of your work.

Reply to @sincere18: Exactly! Only some picky people do research on their own. I’m pretty sure that most of them use google and youtube for tips. Nobody would like to spend $5 on tips if they are available for free at somewhere. But most business people thinks that 1 man is not born to do everything. So they just order someone to do the gig.