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How to make effective buyer request

Can anyone say about a effective buyer request format,


Are you looking to Buy or to Sell?


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I am a seller, and want to know about effective buyer request

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So do you want to find services, or to sell services? You are asking for effective BUYER request format, which is for buyers =))

Or you want to know how to respond to it to get an order? Please be more clear, so people can give some advices, otherwise it would be difficult to give any advices

I am a seller and want to sell service, I am seeking for eye-catching buyer request for get order

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This is not buyer request- buyer request is when you want to BUY services, so you place a request. It’s still not clear what you mean - your gigs , you how to reply to buyer requests

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Check this out:


Yes, I am searching for how to reply in job offers effectively

I am looking for sell, and searching for how to make a effective job offers

Thank you for this…