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How to make express gig

I have some gigs which i deliver within an hour. But when i create gig there is no option of express or any similar things. So can i make my gig express ?

According to fiverr rules they take some time to make it express usually after 3/4 orders

Also, if you ever changed it to over 24 hours, that gig no longer will be able to be ‘express’

In my experience, as soon you receive a positive feedback on your gig which has 1 day estimated delivery time, it automatically becomes express :slight_smile:

I wanted to make an express Gig but I think I messed it up. After delivering, the buyer had a question a little after the 24 hour mark, I didn’t know how to reply so I clicked “deliver” again to reply. Now my Gig says estimated deliver 2 days and I can’t change it back to one.

Can this gig ever become express now?

I was just wondering this question myself!

From the best of my understanding this is not possible as it would fall under the same as if the gig was ever changed to longer than 24hrs it can never be express again. Kind of a shame it works this way.

People saying:

Your gig can never be express again if it was ever changed to longer than 24hrs.

I experimented:

I have changed my gig: to two days delivery then after some time I changed it back to 1 day.

What happened?

I got express gig tag again.

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