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How to make feedback dispute?

Hello mates, one of my buyer has mistaken when giving feedback.How can I make a feedback dispute? Can anybody help me out in this regard ASAP!

Hello, there is no such thing as a feedback dispute. You are not allowed to contact the buyer at all about it in any way. And it’s not a good idea to ask customer support about it. If you do these things you can have some problems such as getting a warning.

All you are allowed to do is post a reply to the feedback.


Thanks a lot for your reply. My buyer has done it unintentionally. Isn’t there any way to change that feedback. Actually he is wanting to make the change but what’s the way actually?

Miss Crystal already answered that question. There is no way for your buyer to change the feedback they left. Once feedback goes live, it’s live forever, unless it violates the TOS (for example, it’s racist).


There’s no way, as @misscrystal told you. Even asking Customer Support about it could get you an account warning 9and yes, it can happen even if it’s your buyer who asks about it).


So the policy has been changed I guess? But there was a time when buyer could changes their review right?

Yep, it was changed around 18 months ago. In the past, buyers could edit feedback, and sellers could ask about their scores freely.

Now, it’s all different. Feedback can’t be edited, and as Catwriter said, sellers can get a strike against their accounts just for talking about feedback with a buyer.

Are you trying to get the 4.7* score changed? If so, it’s best not to. That’s a good score, and only bad things will happen if you try to change it.


That’s an inspiring one.Thanks a lot for your time.Pray for me so that I can make it 5 again very soon.

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You’re welcome! Good luck. Everybody occasionally gets reviews that aren’t 5*, so don’t sweat it too much. :slight_smile:


Okay, No more worry for that!

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