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How to make first frame of video be on cover?


Right now I am testing with videos and added my first video on my gig. But I have a problem. Fiverr somehow chose to display it on some random frame from the middle of the video and it looks ugly? How you guys solve that if there is a solution?

Here is the link to my gig to see what I am talking about:

It really works ? And they do that manually ? :smiley:

Great, I will then bother them 20 times until I put videos on all the gigs :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, you are the best person on fiverr forum! :slight_smile:

I added few more videos and this time they posted it as proper frame on cover, yay :slight_smile:

p.s. 5 videos added to my gigs but I didn’t see any ranking improvements. Will that happen immediately or I need to wait ? :slight_smile:

damn, I thought I will be instant so I can start getting tons of orders :frowning: