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How to make gigs visible in Fiverr search?

Usually, Visibility of the Gigs itself often related to its SEO stuff which is titles, images, Descriptions, and tags. Title with Persuasive Words will lure a buyer to click on your gigs and get their attention towards your services. The same goes for the image. The role of these two is not more than increasing the conversion rate of your Gig. An Attractive image can attract more orders and get a good rating for the gig itself. Meanwhile, the description of your gig should promise something that can inspire the buyer to try your product and service. Take your time accurately to identify with tags that suitable to use. It’s the spice of the meal and has the power to show your gig in different search results. Using a variety of keywords as tags help to increase gig’s visibility and rank your Gig in minutes.

One more factor that can trigger or open up the visibility of your gigs is reviews about your gigs. Positive reviews will increase the trust of customers towards your gigs and enhance the credibility of the Gig you’re selling on Fiver instantly. Increase your Reviews to get more benefits from it.



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Useful information thanks

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but click and views and order not show on my gig

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Don’t worry, sometimes algorithm changes that’s why views and clicks disappear. It will come back.

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good suggestion for thank you

Thank for your information.

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I can’t setup video thumbnail

Hey @malikapixel
You are so amazing. it’s really helpful and informative post for new person. Just keep it up. I am always here reading for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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How are you doing? I pray and hope that this message finds you well. I had some of those same questions about my gigs because when I invite friends and relatives to join fiverr they always complain that they can’t find any of my gigs.

I was off fiverr for about 3 years and I am not sure if that’s why my gigs have not been resurrected despite the positive reviews, sales and 5 star ratings. I am hoping that the more orders and delivers I get I will begin to see my gigs in the search results. I keep promoting and sharing my gigs all across social media to inform current and potential customers that I’m back in action.

I’ve cultivated more skills and I am trying to see if the problem with my gigs are the tags or I just need to get more reviews. Your post is very helpful and provide possible answers to some of these issues.



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