How to make it on front page or hand picked area


I normally don´t do this but there is this one person send me a message over my facebook account asking how did I manage to make it on front page or in the hand picked area where your category is.Before I make a gig, as a tip for you guys, the first thing you need to learn is being creative or being OOAK like One of A Kind gig that will make the buyers interested and feel curious.Something that is not yet offered in the page and you will surely make it on top.You also need to make experiments to see if the idea you made will click or not.As a 3 years member of the site, I only made 5 gigs which are all successful and I am satisfied with what I can get.Also patience is the key and creativity is always the key remember that.In this way, the competition is less and you are sure that you are the only person that do have that gig. If you are not that smart ass like in the SEO area, or in graphic designing, try something artistic, I assure you, you can get buyers in any way.Never copy a gig…Create on your own and make original video presentation.

Hope it helps



my new hallopumpkin gig that I open last 13 days ago is earning for me and the idea was very simple :slight_smile:

So everyone don´t lose hope, in every place you go like in the mall,in the shops,or in the groceries,or art shops, try to look around something interesting that might be useful to make promotional stuff.the thing is, if your not too good in the SEO stuffs,website fixing and anything techy, go to the artist side of the world and you will be surprise :slight_smile:

If you want some exposure like really exposure and loving to expose your face,setting up testimonial videos is also cool but try a different angle maybe like documentary style of something.So everything is possible! Always remember!

Happy Halloween everyone!


Thank for sharing us your thoughts on this one.

As a newbie on this platform, I also very much interested for my Gigs to appear on the Front Page. But I think that will never happen, since all my Gigs are just typical ones on Fiverr. But I can’t do anything about it, my Gigs are within my forte.

I will never get my Gigs on the front page. :frowning:


Thanks for the tips Dawny. Things are not going too bad for me, I would say not bad at all in fact. But I am bursting my brains off to try to create a Gig that would be unique and see it flash to the Fiverr’s front page. I know it will come. *-:slight_smile:


Reply to @touchtype: if you just plan it well and do some bit studying or at least think and sit down for a short moment that makes you feel a gig that will be unique and never been offered, you will surely get it on top


Reply to @magellon: Don´t lose hope magellon, i myself sometimes think months before I figure out what is the best gig to stand out.


Hey there is abetter option for all of you, let me share it with u guys:

Go to customer support and then click on "still can’t get the answer, from there login or signup and then contact any of the fiverr agent and ask him/her to promote your gig, they will ask about your user name and link to your gig. 1 more thing suspend all of your other gigs and try to prmote only one gig. But you must have to be a level1 seller.




hey memoto28

Thanks for sharing your experience with us

Yeah you are right that not worry about your gigs services stay or come on first page of Fiverr .

Be Sure that your services satisfied your Buyer needs is Main Goal for Our Sellers is necessary .



Thanks for sharing your ideas. I would be curious to know your thoughts: Do you think it’s better to promote multiple similar gigs or one gig that promises multiple styles of execution?




Well, my website creating Gig is listed just under the featured ones and that after just a few days and only one order! You think I have a good chance of getting picked?


Reply to @gfx_genius: Does that mean that they won’t help a Level 2? :frowning:


Reply to @andre0708: I advice you stick to one gig and don´t make it multiple like if you have that gig already then keep it then do another different gig to look more professional,always goal to have that gig at least some good stars so buyers knows you are serious.


Reply to @thibstars: I´ve check your gig and these kinds of gig do have a high rate of competition, I advice you create some cheap offers to get quantity, try searching the people who have the same gig of yours and see how it runs, if they offer something like maybe five bucks for this and that, also offer something inside your gig like some smoothies to get the attention of the buyers. And, it is normal that sometimes, even your gig is on the front page and no others, that just means the buyers are not so interested or maybe you just have to wait for the right buyers in that particular gig.If that is the case, then think of something new gig and think it many times if you feel it is unique then add another gig and make a good video presentation.


Reply to @magellon: Magellon, so or so fiverr will pick the sellers who they feel will give them income and I will say the level 2 seller is only advantage when it comes to problems technically or regarding buyer problems,I advice keep looking for the gigs you told me you want to stand out :slight_smile: