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How to make landing page to be responsive one?

Hello guys
I created several landing pages with Mail Munch,
then sent the list of the URLs to a solo ads seller,
He reviewed and informed that the landing pages are not displayed properly on mobile devices,
How can I fix this feature? anything I can do to make the displaying and readability feature on mobile devices better?
Any suggestion will be appreciated,
With many thanks in advance.

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You can do a search on fiverr for sellers who make pages mobile friendly.

It seems that if you have to ask this question you are not able to do it yourself as it’s fairly technical.

As far as I know, the pages have to be made mobile friendly to begin with.

I created the landing pages already, well designed, but only not displaying on mobile,
this is the only feature, I am not looking for someone to do it,
I have to learn and build my own skills creating my sales funnel, after acquire this skill then easy to hire and pay to get it done, but should know the basic fundamentals myself first
However, communicated with the support team, and waiting their feedback to solve this issue,