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How to Make Level 2- When Job Takes A Longer Time


Okay so basically Fiverr awards levels based on how many gigs you get per month, right? (in addition to ratings, gigs extras etc). I am a creative writer, been on here since April and I’m Level 1. I’m concerned about never making Level 2 and therefore this will affect being able to make other levels and being Pro. Is there any consideration for people like me who only need to accept 1 or 2 orders for the month? Basically, I write books (longer books from 50k words) and I get quite a number of gig offers but given the time it’ll take to write a 50k word book, there’s no possible way I can take many orders in my queue. So there are people at Level 2 who might bring in less revenue to the site but because my job maybe requires more details and requires more time to complete a gig, I won’t ever make level 2? (Please understand I am not complaining about Level 2 sellers. You’ve earned the right to be Level 2 because you made the cut and that’s great)
I was just thinking about this and realizing that I’d probably never move up in ranks and enjoy the benefits of ranks even though I make a lot. One book for me would cost from $500-$1000 and I can write up to 3 per month. It’s a little disconcerting that I make revenue of this amount that Fiverr takes their portion out of but I won’t ever get to move up in ranks even though my fee that they get may be way more than other levels.
Right now I’ve had to pause 4 of my 5 gigs and only keep the one that makes the least (shorter time to complete) because I can’t afford for anymore gig to go through on the others.
Are there any writers here that write books of the length that I mentioned who are Level 2 or even pro? How did you do it?


So I realize I can apply for Fiverr Pro regardless so let’s see what happens.


Dear Sha:

Dean Smith was famous for his use of the Four Corners Strategy, which was used to control the speed of college basketball games back in the day, but he advocated for the move to the 45-second shot clock, which made it advantageous for teams to abandon this strategy.

The point is, he adapted the way he coached his teams based on the rules of the game.

My understanding is that you don’t have to deliver 40 gigs in 2 months to achieve Level 2, but at your current pace, it would take you about 13 or so more months to get to Level 2.

If you want to get there faster, you might consider adding a $5 gig for say, 1 page or so.

Given your experience with Amazon, you might consider adding a gig to write copy to sell the books that you write for people to sell on Amazon.

If you do well, you could easily raise your prices, but hopefully, this @250-word gig would complement your currently available gig and help you to sell more gigs more quickly, to help you get to your goals more quickly.

Good luck,


I understand perfectly and thanks for the suggestion. I’ve thought about it but still can’t get my head into it. I write romance novels. Normally, if a customer is going to write a romance story, if they can manage all the other pages that comprise the book, they won’t hire just for one page. Let’s say they even hire one page as a sample start to see how you do on it first, usually the order follows for you to complete the story. So even if it starts as a one page, it still ends up in a book.
I guess I’ll have to figure something out


There’s nothing wrong in wanting to be Level2Seller. However, you may wish to know that in many respects, Level2 does not confer any special privileges relative to Level1. Level2Sellers don’t necessarily get more jobs than Level1Sellers. If I were you, I’d expend energies, improving my gigs so as to net more Buyers and to sustain the patronage.

Are you making sales? Then you are good. But if you are on Fiverr just to scale the Levels, that’s pretty easy to come by. Simply work your gigs to being tops in your niche and then sell all of them for $5. That way, you won’t even leave your desk before Level2 badge comes calling!

But seriously, what are you looking for in Level2? If you don’t have any compelling answer, then you maybe worrying over nothing.


Making levels influence sales. Isn’t our placement on Fiverr’s system related? For instance when I go to Fiverr’s homepage, what I see are Level 2 sellers and up. A client will generally prefer someone who has a a higher ranking. Levels are used to whittle the “crop”, good, better, best. It’s not necessarily true but that’s the mentality I believe of many clients. Hence, new freelancers here for example have it harrrrd to get their first gig.


It is understandable if Seller is unrated and wants to be rated. But no, Seller is already rated - a Level1.
It’s understandable if Seller is not making sales and would want Level2 so as to gain Buyers confidence. But no, Seller makes sales.

He just wants to be Level2. Period!


We work on a freelancing website. Of course we want to level up. All freelancing sites I’ve worked with, the higher your level, the more visible you are to potential clients. *She


Yes but higher Levels and attendant visibility does not always translate to higher patronage. In any case, OP did not state that he wants higher levels so as to net more Buyers. He rather did state that his unique gigs demand unusually longer time to deliver.

Now, suppose Seller suddenly gets Level2 badge and he gets more visible and more Orders start pouring in. How does he then deliver them since each gig would require more-than-usual time to deliver?


I also do full-length books. The majority of the books that I do are about 40k words. But I do have a $5 gig that I use to sell people samples. It still took me longer to reach level two. It took me about 5 months. But I still wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for those paid samples.


Oh thanks for responding! Great, you’ve answered my question and in the same type of work. Wanted to know if it was possible and the way you went about doing it. I will look at a unique way to create a $5 gig.


It’s cool to meet another seller focusing on books! :slight_smile: I do memoirs and non-fiction. It always seems to me like this site is overrun with article and SEO writers. No hate because I know those services are in high demand. But it is very cool to meet another book ghostwriter! Good luck in reaching level two.


It was a thought that just popped in my mind today. That scaling ranks actually boils down to orders which I think suits majority since most sellers do ‘short-span’ work. I just didn’t want to think I had to step outside what I love, writing romance novels, to offering a service of articles just to make ranks. Happy freelancing!


No, I don’t think that you have to start writing articles at all. Although after spending some time on this site, I did start to wonder if it wasn’t weird to be offering full-length books on a site where most of the writers are doing articles.

I’m glad I stuck with doing what I love. You should too! I haven’t seen anyone else doing romance novels and I’m always scoping out the other writer’s gigs. Your gig is really unique.

One problem that I’ve had as a full-length book ghostwriter is this; I get way more requests than I can take on. Like you, I’m not working in volume. I can only take on a handful of orders at a time. It’s frustrating turning work away. I get a ton of traffic to my fiverr page, especially from wattpad where I write fiction and have started blogging about ghostwriting. I get more customer traffic than I can handle and end up turning work away. It makes me crazy but I feel like there must be a way to turn that customer interest into more money. I haven’t come up with any way to do this, save for raising my prices.

You must have the same problem, especially since it sounds like you write even longer books than I do. Do you end up turning a lot of work away? Or have you figured out a good way to deal with that problem?


I do get a lot of orders too and have to turn them away especially because I work permanently for an author and get a ton of work on Freelancer as well. What I try to do is balance shorter novellas of 10-20k words in between the longer novels. (This works if you write quickly. I push myself to writing 10k words per day or more- I have a 10k word story due here tomorrow and haven’t even started yet, yikes.

At one point in time, I hired an assistant so I detailed a plot and handed it over to her to write. I tried to do this twice, but I gave them my own books (when I get the time I publish on Amazon) while I concentrated on the customers. It was a test to see if they could mimic my style of writing so I could start a little group and parcel off work to them. But it failed, I had to do too much editing and basically had to rewrite.

I do think if I find the right person though, I’ll do this again so I don’t have to pass up gigs. Reason being, sometimes you turn away a client who is high paying and might have been a long term customer.
Raising the price may not necessarily work, because sometimes a client will think to accept a lower priced gig not necessarily for quality.

  1. I make a calendar each month and fit client into it and tell them the situation and if they want a place on my highly coveted calendar (lol, if they know it’s packed, they usually want to be there and may not mind waiting so much.

  2. Get an Assistant, if you vet their writing style and it’s applicable. The problem I had was that the individuals I got were more suited for non-fiction.


Oh my younger brother is also a writer so he handles my YA and fantasy work.
(If you do choose to hire someone, NEVERRRR submit without vetting their work.

I also work from 7:30AM to 2AM and basically live in bed all day. :joy:


Those are some really great ideas! I also do about 10k words a day. I find that’s a great amount to get projects finished quickly, but without leading to burn out.

I do have one person helping me our right now with outlines and coordinating/planning, but I would be too nervous to hire on a lot of people to do the actual writing.

I like your idea of intentionally balancing shorter works with longer ones. I also like the idea of creating a very organized client calendar.

Thanks for the ideas! :slight_smile:


I can offer you another idea. Since your goal is to continue writing romantic fiction and novel-length is your specialty, there is a way you could do smaller orders and still do that. There are plenty of buyers who would like to buy a full length novel but can’t even afford the up-front price.

You could offer to sell short pieces that could work as chapters in a romantic fiction anthology of short stories. For example, the gig could be for a chapter-length romantic story (length up to you- say 1000-5000 words) so that the work could stand alone but would be just as suitable in a collection of stories. A buyer who really wanted to try you out and possibly buy a series of stories and then publish them together could do so, even based on a theme. In the meantime, pick a story length that you could write fast and cheap.

The $5 package is the easiest one to use for hitting level 2, but you might be able to do it with a $10 package. If it worked out well it could remain a long-term gig and could even include a premium package offer for a full length 25-50K word short story collection so it still goes alongside your book gigs. In the meantime you might have to make it really valuable by producing some quality short stories for very little money, but with a following you’d be able to sell 50 of those gigs in 60 days without passing out from exhaustion!


Thanks! I do start at 5k words but many seem to prefer longer stories because those sell the best on Kindle. As much I want to move up in rankings though, I can’t sell a 5k word book for less than $50. Yikes, I really can’t. I’ve tried to offer plots for a lesser amount but that starts at $20 too. That lower gig was what made me a level 2 seller. I’ve thought up a creative idea though based on your suggestion which may be viable. Will keep my fingers crossed.


I totally get you on price and word count. It basically comes down to figuring out what you can offer that you can do fast and cheap, even if it really doesn’t financially benefit you during the leveling process. I agree that it’s very important to achieve level 2 (TRS badges or Pro gigs are nice but not necessary) so you just kind of have to find a way to gut it out. If I was in your field I would probably do it with short-shorts of 1000 words for $5 since I could churn out something reasonable at that rate. I’m glad you have a creative idea, that’s really the main thing is to find something that works for you. If you don’t love doing it, you can always take the gig down after you hit the level.