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How To Make Money Without Climbing Levels

Making Money Without Climbing Levels

While selling gig extras is one of the best ways to increase your earnings on Fiverr, some products and services make sense even for $4 — what you net from a $5 gig.

For example, in two months ************ made $900 selling an ebook on Fiverr. It makes sense to sell something that has zero cost of production and only takes a minute to deliver, but in addition to making $900 from that one book, ************ had another technique: he promoted other books he was selling on Fiverr within this ebook! It pays to use every trick you can to maximize your per-customer income.

Here are some other gigs to consider:

Logo design (using software that does most of the work)
Video lessons (for anything you know how to do)
Crafts (if you can make them fast and cheap and use one stamp to send them)
Photo-into-painting service (using software to convert the photo to look like a painting)
Facebook promotion of customers’ products (if you have many friends)
Writing (minimal for $5 — charge more for longer work)
Business card design (with software doing the heavy work)
Conversational language instruction (just a few minutes for $5, extra for longer sessions)
Online research for writers (have a template and a system for speed)
Ebooks (your own or ones you buy the rights to)
Use your imagination to come up with something of real value. For example, one offer says, “I will answer ten questions about Italy.” Most of us know enough about the place we live to offer a service like that — though I would give the customer an audio file rather than a typed response to make answering quicker.

If you have an unusual career, you could target those who might want to learn more about it by offering a video or PDF file that explains your work and how to get a similar job. Gigs where you sell the same thing over and over — and continue earning with little additional work — are some of the best.

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I take issue with the point raised that the software does most of the work for logo designers. Software is a tool… it can be a very handy tool… but it is still a tool and it requires skill and creativity on the part of the designer to be able to craft high quality output.