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How to make more sales and upsells with outbound links

Do you sell a gig that requires further information, education for the buyer?

Do you have a gig that requires further explanation to buyers?

Do you spend a lot of time answering questions?

Do you have the man hours to create a pdf to answer FAQ’s of your gig?

Here is how you can save time, win the gig, and get an upsell:

I sell an influencer marketing gig. People want to buy it but don’t understand what to do with the list I supply; this leads to a lot of messaging, or the creation of PDF. This eats up time!

Rather than type out huge PDFs, I use outbound links that answer the clients questions and each one has a call to action back to my gig.

This works so well (and you can track analytics) that you can offer an *upsell to your client.

*All upsells must be ethical.

Example message to a client you are working with:

Jane Doe you use outbound links in your website articles, whilst this is great for SEO it also sends visitors away from your page. What if you could include a call to action on that outbound link that directs the reader back to specific url or product on your site?

Here is an article on how to use outbound links correctly for SEO. Think what call to action you could put on your outbound links: [Unapproved and shortened link disallowed]

Ps. The service is free for one brand and 1000 clicks a month, unless you go really wild you should never have to upgrade. [Fiverr tips should not normally recommend use of off-Fiverr sites that have paid options]

Think of the opportunities you have here for your own gigs.

Think of the extra cash from an *****[non-Fiverr affiliate] - which leads me to full disclosure:

If you follow this link (which is a post on how to use outbound links) [Promotion of off-Fiverr site with paid options disallowed,shortened link disallowed]

You will see the call to action I put included. If you click on this you will go to the product page. ******************************[Promotion of off-Fiverr site with paid options disallowed,shortened link disallowed]

The Fiverr forum is best used without external links that are not approved in the URL list in the help articles on the Support Team page. Shortened links and affiliate links are disallowed.

Fully understood. Thanks for the advice.

Very polite one. :ok_hand:

This sounds like a helpful post if you can explain it without the links in the post.