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How to Make More Sales on Fiverr

Hello guys,
I hope we are all enjoying our freelancing career here on Fiverr? Yes and No. If yes, then this is for you, and if no, the good news is that this is for you too.

Take your time to read through this, not long but short and effective.

So currently, I took my research on how to make more sales on Fiverr and side getting your gig on the first page, sending your complete offers (10 daily) replying messages early, promoting your gigs and also getting 5 stars, there is something that we all ignore and which I think is the best thing we can fall back to now since we don’t understand how Fiverr algorithm works now.

A few changes have been made and some are yet to be launched but what are or is the other thing we can add to our activities to make us get more sales?

The answer is: UPSELLING

Aside having the skills of the services you render here, take your time now, if you haven’t and don’t know how to, take your time now to learn how to upsell your services to your buyers.

How do you upsell?

  • Upsell with certain solutions related to your buyers need which can help boost the result
  • Upsell with gig extras

The money is online but you can only eat the money suya if you know your onions.

I hope this helps someone!

Enjoy and make more sales…


Yes, i am really enjoying in here, in fiverr. And UPSELLING is one of the best ways to boost up our orders. Thanks for the tip.


I hope it will be helpful to try it. Thanks for sharing… :slightly_smiling_face:


You are welcome ma’am and I wish you all the very best here on FIverr

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Yes I think this is for me, thanks for sharing.


What do you mean by Upsell


As a newbie, this is very helpful for me…thanks for sharing


Yes exactly this is my question. Please explain the term “Upsell”


Thanks for sharing this. I am actually more like a new seller but upselling has helped in getting me more money than I could have done.


Yes it does surely help


Thanks for sharing…


Thanks for your information


Very Helpful Tips :slight_smile:

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Great experience on fiverr

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@annevideo @sobanshah29


Thank you.
I get it.

You have idea why my Gigs are not getting orders, views and clicks but Impression is 3k plus

I hope it will work i got my first order in two days but after that i dont get any order .

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daily i do this everything but my gig is always back

Hi! I have also noticed that the month of July started very well but it has been in free fall. Do you think it will improve or that it is a catastrophe with no solution? In my case, I have a response rate of 89% and since I don’t get messages, I can’t upload it. It’s terrible

This phrase confuses me. What is “money suya”, and how does someone “know their onions”?