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How to make my first sale on


Hello i’m new here but i have great experience regarding my skills. Please let me know how can i make my first sale?

Anticipating a response!


Make sure to check out the buyer’s requests! You can get there by hovering over your username at the top right, clicking “Selling” and then clicking “Buyer requests”. From there you reply to requests, up to ten a day.


thanks garruuk for your response. yes i did that but still being unable to make my first sale!


even though i have a lot of impressions on my gigs! do i need to improve my gigs or something else!


Sometimes it just takes time. It really depends on demand on the certain areas that you specalize in. If you regularly update/create gigs it will improve your traffic. (Or should) But the problem with freelancing and entrupenring is that it’s never guaranteed buisness. I do wish you luck though! i’ve been having a bit of trouble lately with getting sales as well, but hopefully we’ll both figure something out. I’d love hearing anyone else’s suggestions too, so i’ll keep an eye on this thread.


Really helpful post. Thanks for the post omerakram22 :slight_smile:


Good to know that you like it nibir_sangma! Please let me know if you sort it out!


So far I know, if possible try to send minimume 5 buyer request in a day and upgrade the gigs after few days. i think that will be work…


I would recommend you find some different gigs. As you’re not fluent in English, your résumé gig probably has a limited audience, and logo gigs are the gigs people list when they have no skills because they think they’re easy. So if you have skills, you should look for something different to do, or put a spin on the logo gigs that makes them stand out from everyone else’s.

When you put offers in to buyer requests, you need to make them unique too. Make the buyer click on you to find out more, and when they do, make sure your gig description and images are so engaging that they click that order button.


hey capitalquality thank you for your response. I will try my best to do that thanks again :slight_smile: