How to make my gig appear in new seller list?


My gigs not listed under new seller list.When I search my gig using tags I cannot see my gigs.Then how can i get a order.Contacting fiverr support is the only way to solve this?.Please give me suggestions


Did you just create your gig? If so, just wait for few hours or few days. It will eventually there. Don’t worry too much about it


No its about 1 month.impressions are very low compared to views and clicks.I think those are from twitter followers.


Use proper tags. You can check proper tags by checking competitors tags on their gigs on the bottom who are top rated sellers. try to stay online as much as possible. this is surely helps. Tags are most important factor in your ranking.


Hi starfriend0326,
I suggest you to Use proper gig title(try to use short title .short title sell more), clear describtion, attractive gig image, and proper tag.


Thank you for giving advices…


Take a look at the competitors gigs.Examine their description,FAQ,tags and tittle.Just read it.Find some keywords from all of it and create your OWN.I repeat DO NOT COPY everything and just paste with some minor changes.Wish you all the best!