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How to make my gig come to the first page

Hello Fiverr community,

I am member at this platform since 2016 ~ i have had a very good experience and a good traffic to my gigs during 2017 ~ they were optimized very well ~ but since i had an interaction by the end of Y20017, my optimisation is not so good ~ I hardly find my services at the first 3 pages.

Please give me some advice how to optimize again and reach the results as one year before.

This is my Profile on Fiverr >

i will welcome suggestions/ recommendations from any of you (great community :slight_smile: )


First to check your all gigs and some of them change like tags, title, description and also add keyword your tiitle and description, then daily marketing your gig like social media, facebook, twitter, and other platforms. I hope some of days rank your gigs fiverr first pages