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How to make my gig "PRO"?


Hello, thank you for reading my post.
What i need is getting helpful tips from someone how to improve my gig or generally my profile.
It is new and i know it is hard to build a big account. Please help me. Thank you.


Hi @donkirleone! Just by looking great gig! I am a level two seller and what I would say is to wait. It took me 6 months to get where I am today! Your off to an amazing start. Looking at your reviews and your images it should be a matter of time before more and more buyers start coming your way. Good luck!


Thank you @zoedesigns


Your welcome! @donkirleone


Hello! Your gig looks very nice. However, there are a few things I would personally change.

First of all, your video is of great quality. Videos help generate sales, and I fully support that. However, the video doesn’t really get to the point until about 20 seconds in. Nowadays, people are impatient and want to know things as soon as they can (after the first 20 seconds, however, the video is very good and straightforward).

Secondly, the title of your gig is a bit confusing. “I Will Design FASCINATING Logo With Free Vector” is a little hard to interpret. If I were you, I would change it to something like, “I Will Design FASCINATING Vector Logo”.

Other than that, it looks great. Your examples and portfolio are amazing and the description is informative and well-organized.

Good luck!


Thank you @dylansdesigns , i am going to try your clear and helpful tips.


You are lucky to have a repeat buyer for your first seven reviews. This has got you off to a good start and if you are patient I am sure you will get some new reviews from different buyers. Good luck! :slight_smile:


I agree! Always great to start off by having repeat buyers.


Really Your starting over is super cool . All the best


Thank you very much @dijatul