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How to make payment with credit card

please how do i make payment with my credit card to buy a gig

Same way you would in any other marketplace…

it does not work for various countries i dont know why I am from Pakistan and used 4 family cards nothing of them works it says there is an issue with your payment and if contact cs they dont help they just say use paypal but paypal is banned in my country if I tell this to cs again they send me over and over again the same text we are sorry you can try paypal

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Then the issue isn’t “how do I make payment with my credit card” it’s why aren’t your credit cards working here. And none of us can help you with that. We’re just buyers and sellers like you.

Yes you are right and not only here in many countries it is not working and no idea why cs does not help in this case dont know why

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Because the issue is your credit cards. Fiverr can’t make them work for you.

`It looks like Fiverr doesn’t support Credit Card payment I think. Paypal is the only one option.