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How to make people see my gigs


I just joined fiverr.
How to make people see my gigs ?


Please go to selling and after Buyer request . And You can easily Apply any of job post …


Hello, Send 10 buyer request daily. make your gig title and description catchy. Try to advertise your services on social media :smiley:
Pro tips:
~Always deliver more than the client deserves.
~Communicate Friendly with buyer
~.Always deliver on time.


Make as many offers as you can in buyer requests every day.

To increase your chances of getting orders, you should have more than one gig. If you are able to make gigs that provide services or products that are in different categories then you will see more buyer requests.

When you do send offers to buyer requests your gig needs to be clear so the buyer knows what they’re getting. Your pricing on your current gig is confusing and there are too many options. Look at other artist gigs to get ideas on how to describe and price your gig.


Hey @cometwithouse wellcome to fiverr forum.
Follow @capitalquality and @jus_designz advice.