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How to make Perfect Buyer Request to get more attention?

I need a good template to use to get more conversion on request Please do share your best template so that everyone can get benefitted If you think your work can be taken away “raise up the bar” word for you. and Thanks in advance for genuine personality to share the best template .Regards
Narender sharma-- Video Marketing


So the thing is that “templates” wouldn’t get you orders. Templates are disaster.

You just need to write personal message to every client with how you understood their request and describing what you can offer and ask questions if you need to, or even offer how you can improve their idea.

I see you have only 8min read time on the forum and that means that you didn’t do your research.
If you look through topics on this forum you’ll see quite a lot of buyer complaining about sellers that send templates.

I personally once posted buyer request and I was shocked to see 98/100 templates sent to me from sellers. All with “I understood your job perfectly, I can make it to your satisfaction and requirements” even from people who have nothing to do with a category of my request.


So yo mean my short and crisp message along with my existing gig is enough to get order ?? What is the reason after getting 1000 + impression i have got only 8 click and no order >?? i am in serious need of order need to know profitable niche or order

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Try to write about Buyers requirement. And write how you do the work.


Nobody will tel you for a fact that after that you will get orders. We can give you a direction but there are also factors of your portfolio, of your gig, and what your client is looking for, all people are different and you never know what will attract one or another buyer, they all come for different things and reasons.

Well that is obvious, if people are seeing your gigs (1000impressions) but not clicking on it that means that your gig is not attractive enough for them to give a closer look at it :woman_shrugging:


what book should i read what course should i buy what things should I do to get my first order ?? How to make gig attractive can you do me afavour pls check where i am lacking in my gigs ??

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Never use a template!! Buyer almost always skip over the sellers that send in offers with copy and paste templates.

You have to read each request fully and make an offer that’s specific to that request.

Also, check this link out for some tips on how to respond to a buyer request:

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