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How to make plan before create a gig,


Hi everyone

I created this account 4 months ago, got some order’s, but somehow my positive rating is 80% and cancellation ratio are higher then positive ratio,so i can’t apply in buyer request, i got frustrated day by day,

Some of my Friends are inspiring me to stand again and this time I am making plan to create a new gig, but problem is i am confuse which category is suitable for me, i mean i have experience in graphic design, i know Photoshop but in graphic category there are too many gig’s already have and competitor are to much, and those competitor have already top,2,1 level, so i am nervous about the market, is it possible to get order on that category as a new gig?

In this situation how can choice or select for me a great gig on graphic design category, i mean what i need to do to before making a gig, please can anyone help me who have good experience in fiverr,


This is very simple. The default title of the gig says it: “I will do something I am really good at for 5$”. Just ask yourself what can you do for 5$, that you are good at, and it will be time and cost-effective this and you will have your answer. Hope this helps!


Random Zeus


Reply to @inet_solutions: I think you have not fully read svenboosch story, he says his chosen category have too many competitor, now what should he do…its a great question…


Reply to @inet_solutions: Thanks for your reply, my question is what should i do when ( i have chose a category but its seller are too many) i think you clear now can you give any suggestion about this.