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How To Make Real Cash On

Create An Effective Profile Page

Many sellers don’t take this page seriously but I’ve gotten many buyers that refer to my about page when purchasing a gig.

Profile picture should be unique and tailored to the type of gigs you do. If your gigs are light-hearted and you charge $5 to write jokes or play a prank, then let your profile picture reflect that.

About description should be honest and reflective of your skills. For example, I put the type of degree I have, my hobbies, how I am experienced with social media and blogging. I have received several gigs from simply mentioning I work with wild aquatic animals and owned several types of pets.

In addition, don’t create more than 10 gigs per account. I say this because of the format of the profile pages. Buyers will have to scroll a lot to see all your gigs and will likely become distracted and use the search box to find the gig they need.

Gig Title And Description

The title should be as straight forward yet descriptive as possible. For example, if you are creating an internet marketing gig a title may be “I will tweet your link to 500000+ followers for $5” or “I will create a 400 word SEO product description for $5”. That was it entices the buyer to click on your link rather than click on other non-descriptive links.

Additionally, make sure your description is short and straight to the point. Buyers have the ability to cancel gigs. If your description is too long, you may either confuse the buyer or give the buyer an impression that you’re going to do more than what you, yourself intend to do.

Describe what you’re going to do in two sentences max. And either open and/or close the description with one or two sentences that will entice them to purchase your gig. Such as, “Popular websites hire SEO writers to promote their sites and increase search engine ranking” or “SEO content is the best way to customers to your website”…those aren’t the best examples, but you get the point.

Promote Everywhere!

Social media is your friend. If you have a youtube channel, create a video related to your gig. By the way, you can also upload video when you create gig. I’m sure adding video helps but it’s not necessary to be successful on Fiverr.

Twitter and facebook are probably the best options. The goal however is to reach beyond people you know and go for people who can actually use the service. That is why twitter and stumbleupon are my preferred outlets. In addition, there are many bots on twitter that retweet, tweets about gigs. Take advantage of social media, and if you don’t have a social media account open, then create one, today!

Provide Excellent Customer Service

If you go into this with entrepreneurial spirit, then customer service should be your top priority. Though the gig is only $5, put as much effort into providing a great end product. You will get positive reviews, guaranteed. When discussing the gig, be cordial, ask questions if you need specifics…engage! That will show the customer that you care about giving them the best product/service you can give. When delivering the gig, let the customer know that you have similar gigs that may help them, provide the link to your profile page and also give them a positive review (assuming your experience was good). If you have a bad experience, don’t give the buyer a negative review first, it’s not worth potentially getting a negative review in return.

The ultimate goal is to enjoy the gigs you create so that you make money while having fun and helping someone out! Thanks for reading!

I stopped reading after your first point. Why? Because that is NOT you on your profile picture. So you’ve destroyed your credibility right there.

People forget how easy it is to search images. You simply Google Search images!

And… that is clearly not you.

Want my first tip for selling?

Don’t use someones picture as your PROFILE PICTURE! Use your own picture!

If you don’t want to put a picture of yourself up? Use some kind of graphic as your profile picture.

Nothing says “I don’t trust you” like representing yourself with someone elses image.

You said don’t create more than 10 gigs but you have more than 15 !

I think reading this post is just waste of time.