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How to make sales in Fiverr


Hi, I’m new to fiverr and despite the fact that my gig is new and there are not a ton of competitive gigs in the same category as mine (fashion illustration), I have only managed to secure and deliver one order. I’ve been researching this topic in the forums and it seems that there was an update to Fiverr before I joined which is affecting a lot of people sales.

My gig:

As a new seller, I have tried advertising different offers in my gig description sections (I’ve tried a few different offers) and despite a steady rise in my number of page views, I haven’t had any new jobs. I have even tried going through the buyer requests sections and submitting myself for various projects related to this field.

I was just wondering, if any one could offer advice for how to make my gigs page more enticing, how to promote myself on this website and basically just any info on why you think I haven’t managed to make any more sales.




I think you answered your own question

kat5282 said: there are not a ton of competitive gigs in the same category as mine

The reason? There's not much call for this. If you look at those other fashion illustration gigs, you probably don't see many with more than a couple sales.
Why don't you browse through what is being offered on Fiverr so you'll understand the types of gigs that are in demand?