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How to make sales in my fiverr account


I need someone to kindly state to me what i should do to make sales in my Fiverr gigs. I have tried to put to work most of the rules i know of to make sales, eg i have 20 active gigs, quality images and good descriptions yet no sales for more than a year new.

Now I want to know how to rank my gigs, create videos and promote my gigs for maximum exposure for sales.

Please can someone help me with the right resources i can use to do all things.

I dont want to give up in Fiverr business.

Every asistance will be appreciated.

Thank you.

Here is my link:


I have to ask: if the traffic you sell is so “real”, or your tricks to bring traffic so reliable, why don’t you just use it to sell your gigs? If you promote to your “86,000 real human traffic”, or use those “5 ebooks on traffic to your site”, or the “massive 37,000 website directory”, you should be able to get thousands of sales very easily.

Or why don’t you use your ebook to make “fast cash” every “day, guaranteed”? Why are looking for help making sales on Fiverr when you could be “increasing your Google AdSense earnings”?

My suggestions are: sell something that isn’t a scam and won’t cause people to lose their social media accounts, create better images (most are low quality, pixelated, boring, generic…one of the WordPress images is extremely blurry), put up better examples for the wordcloud gig, clean out all the similar gigs, use better keywords/tags-some aren’t pertinent to the gig.