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How to make sales very fast.(My secret method)

Hi, I have a simple yet effective method of getting real traffic to my gigs.
COMMENTING and putting your link on comments.
Follow this instruction and you would get sales.
1.Go to twitter.(Make sure you have an account there)
2.Search for what you are offering on Fiverr. E.G you offer logo design. Type “I need logo design.” you will see different persons who need logo design.
3. Tell them you know someone who is an expert that, then direct them to your Fiverr gig with your link.
NOTE: You would get sales, if and only you are first to reply and are fast.
Please don’t be greedy. Drop your other methods of getting sales and traffic to your gigs.


Well, This is not a secret method. lot of blogs and YouTube videos have already covered this method.
But still, Thanks for sharing :grin:


Thanks. You can also tell us your method

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Why not tell them you do that instead of lying and saying you know someone who is expert in that?


Thanks will definitely try this.

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I know this tricks. Anyway thanks for your writing

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If you tell them. They feel you are just trying to make sales from them.

You are - just be honest about it! :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s perfectly ok. It’s better than deceiving them when they know you are doing that anyway.

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Whatever method you choose to use. Bottomline is you attract customers. simple!

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