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How to make successful gig using creativity

One month ago, I released a new gig and it´s called Time lapse cooking video.As I search across the other offers of our fellow sellers,I realized that there are less people offering this kind of gig but the demand of it is high so I tried it.
If you have the capacity to make something creative,unique and new then the chances to get a buyer is high.
Important thing when making a gig.
To have a successful gig, video presentation is a must.A video that will convince the buyer and a video that will give a buyer a reason why is it interesting to buy your gig.
Explain what your gig is about and how can one company benefit of it.

My first 1 week, I have one buyer right away and immediately bought my package deal.
A lot of questions and inquires and withing 1 month I have more than 4.2k impressions.
For 1 month alone I´ve earned more than $600 which is i did not expect.
For this I can say the trials I made are one successful gig.
But main KEY to be successful is your creativity and category that really fits your capacity.
Fiverr will always be about creativity and if you apply it, you will surely get best results.

Thank you for your advice.I joined on fiverr about 3 month ago but I get 3 orders.

Thank you sharing tips with community…

Very helpful memoto28. I definitely need to be more creative with my gigs. I’m new to Fiverr, and I created gigs where I’m competing with a lot of expert sellers. Maybe that wasn’t such a great idea.

You are welcome, you can study the categories and check which areas are not yet flooded.

Yes, you are welcome.Competing with a category where a lot of experts sellers are quite difficult so making something unique or different will give you more chances to be notice by the buyers.Keep it up and be positive.I myself don´t do any sharing or marketing,just simply be unique and buyers will go looking for your talent.

That’s awesome! Best wishes.