How to Make that 1st Purchase (Tips for New Buyers)


As a new buyer, it was confusing for me to use 5r and there really was no tutorial on how to use this site.

I have been using this site to make numerous purchases in the past year, so I wanted to create something to help out all the new buyers.

They say a picture is worth a “Thousand Words” so I have added screen captures to each section. I hope this will make it a little bit easier for you.

I have segregated this into nine parts so you can skip to whatever section you need help. I will be using translation as the example throughout the tutorial.

Part 1: Search and Save
Part 2: Favorite
Part 3: Gig Page
Part 4: Shopping Cart
Part 5: Order Page (Section 1)
Part 6: Team Account
Part 7: Order Page (Section 2)
Part 8: Requirements/Transaction Page
Part 9: Accept/Review/Feedback/Tip

  • Misc: Invoice


Part 1: Search and Save

Input partial word of what you are seeking into the search bar. In this case, I will be typing in translation. A list will be displayed with the most used options available (just like Amazon or Google).

In my case, 5r will remember what I have previously (last few) searched.

You can also use the search bar. Pretty self-explanatory. I'm selecting "Translation."

There are hundreds, more likely thousands of gigs. You will need to filter to make it more manageable. In this case, I am going to input “From” and “To” to make it easier for me.

I can input it on either slot. I want to translate from English to Bengali.


  • Default: Recommended.

  • Option 2: Avg Customer Review (sorts by most to least review)

  • Option 3: Newest Arrival (not necessarily new seller but gigs with least amount of reviews who arrived the latest)

Once you find the seller you want to hire, I recommend you “Favorite” Them for easy access. This can be done one of two ways:

  • Click the :heart: which will save it in the default folder or

  • Click the three bars which will open up a list of Folders that you created (will go over how to do that later). I will save mine under the folder Translator.

You can also utilize Buyer’s Request to post your project for sellers to bid. You need to go to Manage Request.

(1) Active: All approved request will be listed here.

(2) Paused: Once you have an adequate number of offers, you can pause it to view the offerers.

(3) Pending: When you post a request in will go into a queue for 5r to review and approve. It can be as quick as 15 minutes or as long as 12 hours. If longer than 12 hours, it’s likely going to get disapproved. Remove it and reward, then repost.

(4) Unapproved: Self-explanatory. You can delete or keep it in this folder for later.

Click on Post Request to begin.

(1) Should start with I want, I need, I require, etc.

(2) Attach files (for translation, you can attach a short excerpt. Anything to help clarify your request as you only have a 2500 character (not word) in #1.

Rest is self explanatory. I recommend you leave (6) blank. The minimum bid is $5.


Part 2: Favorite

Creating Favorite Folder.

(1) Gigs I Love is default folder and will always be listed first.

(2) All other folders are listed by when they were created and/or when you last used them. I have not found a way to organize it or alphabetize it.

(3) Click on the green + to create a folder.

Type in a Folder Name

(1) The newest folder will appear next to the default folder. It will be gray until you put something in it.

(2) Let’s go into the Translation Folder and Pick a Seller

(1) You can edit or change the Folder name. You can not use symbols or numbers, just letters.

(2) You can delete the folder if you don’t need it.

(3) You can toggle between All and Active Gigs. When a seller goes on vacation mode, deletes a gig or no longer active, it will still appear on All Gigs category until you remove it. Active Gigs will only display those gigs where seller is still active on 5r.

(4) Select the one you need by clicking anywhere on the gig. (Again, this is automatically organized by the newest saved to the oldest saved.


Part 3: Gig Page

Pay close attention to (1) **About this Gig** to make sure the Seller does what you need. If you are not sure, you can contact them via (6).

In this case input number of words in (2) and either place order or add to shopping cart, if you need to place multiple orders.

Let’s go ahead and add this to the shopping cart.


Part 4: Shopping Cart

Let’s open up the shopping cart. You can delete anything you changed your mind on. Click on the shopping Cart.

(1) You can remove the Gig or leave as is

(2) You can add/remove extras as necessary, etc.

(4) 5r charges 5% or $1 processing fee for each transaction. By using the cart, you can save some money as you see here. I can make multiple purchases from multiple sellers with one Transaction Fee.

** Sellers do NOT see the transaction fees, that goes directly to 5r.


Part 5: Order Page (Section 1)

On main gig page, click proceed to order.

If the seller has any extra's, it will appear on this page.

(1) This seller only has one extra you can select. I do want this option so I will click the + sign.

(2) Note: as discussed above, regardless of $15 or $5 the processing fee is minimum of $1.

Note the extra I added. The processing fee is still $1. If the charge was increased to $30, the processing fee would be raised to $1.50 or 5% of total purchase.


Part 6: Team Account

Setting up Team Account.

Click on Team Account (Beta) and follow directions.

Once you've set up your Team Account, it will look like this:

(1) You change your Team Name as often as you wish. It will not affect others from using the account.

(2) Minimum amount you can deposit at any time (regardless of how much you have) is $50.

(3) You have to invite and the member must accept in order to have access to the team account.

Let's add some money. $50 (minimum) and press continue.
  • Also, you can remove any team member with ease and they will no longer have access to your team funds.

You prepay the processing fee. When you or your team makes a purchase using the Team Account, they will **NOT** be paying the transaction fee again.

If you make a lot of $5 to $15 purchases, you will save quite a bit of money in processing fees.


Part 7: Order Page (Section 2)

Now that Team Account has been established, let's go back to the Order Page.

Wait, wait, wait! Why is there a Processing Fee? I want to use my Team Account. I already paid this once. :confused:

Hold on! There isn’t even an option to use the Team Account! No one in my Team can see or use it either! :rage:

Proceed to Payment . . . **_But, but, but, I want to use my Team Account!_**

Tada! Team Account.

The system default will be set to your Team Account and no processing fee.

You can select More Options and your payment methods will be displayed that you set up. This part is not visible to other members of your team, just you. If you select this option, the processing fee will be added to your order.

Choose a method and place your order


Part 8: Requirements/Transaction Page

The seller cannot proceed until you input the required information. Follow instruction.

Provide instruction for your seller. Be as detailed or simple as you need. In my case, I know the seller and this does not require much information so I'm going to be simple.

Attach file or files as necessary.

If you attach a file, the screen will be split and the attachments will show up on the right hand side.

(1) Date and local time of the buyer (you) this is due by.
  • If the View Invoice is green, you can download it for record keeping or tax purposes. This typically takes about 12 to 24 hours to generate.

  • Note that if you use Team Account or Credit Balance, there will not be a seperate invoice.

(2) Please note the comment to the side.

(3) You can double check the Order Requirements to make sure it went through.

If you click on the Order Requirements, it will take you here with the information you provided. Note the status has changed to "In Progress."

Buyer not communicating yet is on-line ? what do I do ? its been over 3hours since I paid for the order ? I am completely new to fiverr & need some help or advise please

Part 9: Accept/Review/Feedback/Tip

When the order is ready, you will get email and notification on your bar. Select the Username

Download and review the deliveries. Do not accept until you have everything that you ordered. You have three days to accept or it will auto complete.
  • Note: As a courtesy to your seller, if you are unable to view or need time to review the delivery, inbox him and let him know. Remember, communication is a two-way thing. Don’t leave him hanging wondering what happened to you.

Once you accept the delivery, you will need to Rate and Review. If you don't do This, it takes longer for the seller to get paid. This delivery is for documents.

This delivery is for illustration or logo. If the seller has it activated, it will automatically be displayed. If you do NOT want it displayed on the seller's profile for privacy reasons turn it off.

Mandatory: Private Feedback, starts in the middle with straight emoji. (Write up is optional).

Slide the bar to the far right or to left according to your satisfaction level. Sellers do not see this. Again, if you are really happy with work, give them a write up.

Tip Page.

How to rate a gig after order completion

Misc: Invoice


These tips are not all inclusive.

This is not a tutorial on how to find right sellers, just how to place orders.



Thank you so much @gina_riley2 for the help, I really appreciate. :slightly_smiling_face:


Great tutorial. Really loved the presentation.


Awesome presentation. Thanks!