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How to make the best out of Buyer requests till you earn your badge!

Hey folks prathibha_md here, So today I want to tell you one simple trick that will help you make some sales to earn your first badge.

Ok first things first as I always say nothing is easy, having sad the beginnings are always hard. Imagine trying to move a big rock it will be so hard at the start but once you get it rolling it will roll on its own just like that same principle apply to everything I guess.

What I have seen in Fiverr is when you first sign up your gig does not appear in the search filter. I know this because I searched my gig title and still did not show up. Maybe it shows up way down in the search but no buyer will go that far down in search unless your gig is the only gig in the search list. (Highly unlikely with about 3 million gigs being live on Fiverr)

So the best way to increase your gig impressions and gig views and pretty much the only way to land sales will be “Buyer Requests”.

I have read this somewhere that once you are level 1 or level 2 your gig will come up in a search filter. Till then well…This is how I land my sales. I have been here 8 days so far I have done 10 orders and I am waiting for 22days to earn my level 1 badge.

(You have to do 10 order with 4 stars and above and be here for 1month to have level 1)

Anyway, this is my key to success. I take the maximum use of buyer requests.

  1. Like I said at the start usually buyers will not see your gig that far down in the filter. So the best way to drive traffic to your page and get the impressions up is to send out offers to buyer requests. So remember when you are sending out a request you are doing a sales pitch and the buyer is interviewing you.

  2. As soon as you see a buyer request you will feel the urge to rush and send the offer to someone (I now all of you guys do) but trust me STOP! take a minute and plan what yu are going to say. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Because rather than rushing and sending an offer that makes no sense will be better than taking time and comprising a sales pitch that will make the buyer want to select you.

  3. Restrict to 2-3 paragraphs. An Introduction, your qualifications, and why you will do the job best than the rest. Something like that. (Too long responses are gibberish)

i.e, if the job is for some research work: I would introduce myself and say I have 5 years of research experience and have done this and that blah blah. I will be the best suited for this because of this and that…

  1. When you send a good pitch the buyers will go through your gig. That will increase your gig views and impressions as well. This will slowly bring your gig up in the search list.

  2. You can only send 10 requests so use them wisely. See sometimes with experience you will see a pattern with buyer requests of certain types. Towards the weekend or at night there will be more requests so save the offers till then so you will be the first to send the offer.

  3. Be willing to drop your price and do something more and sell yourself for less. I know it sucks you will feel like you deserve more. If so scroll up and read my first line. This is the start so be ready to scrub the floors if you have to and then one day you can dine like a king :slight_smile: Because buyers when they see a newbies request with no ratings they will ignore. But some will be looking for the cheapest gig then you will have your chance and that rating will help you get another job. Later on, you can increase your gig price. You do not have to go so low just see the same gigs as yours and their price and offer a price for less.

  4. Most importantly only send out offers to what you can do if you accept something you cannot and the buyer gives you bad ratings, my friend you will be in a hole with no way out. As that will be very hard to erase at the start with no other good ratings.

How do I know this works because this is what I did and I have good sales.

So I guess this is getting the bit too long now and it will be boring if I go on. This should be more than enough help to land some gigs. Till the next time Happy Fiverring folks.

Oh! one more thing I would really appreciate if you asked me all the questions here rather than messaging me personally on my Fiverr profile. I will reply all you questions here when I get the time. or someone else with a better experience than me will. :slight_smile:

Good Luck


Very Great Tips

Finally some realistic and honest tips here. (Y)

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More like, finally a not ripped-off tips from somewhere and re-posted. Good tips anyway.

Oh really! I do not do plagiarism. If you are accusing me of me copying this provide evidence.

he is not accusing you, he is praising you for not ripping it off of some one else post :stuck_out_tongue: … great tips by the way, and unique,

Dude relax, you got it the other way around. :slight_smile:

Oh my bad. You grammar is hard to comprehend. “…and re posted” made me think you are saying I reposted it. Sorry about that


Nah, it’s okay. You just gotta read it as a whole.

Very nice great info

Thank you!

Sounds good.
Good luck


Thank You

Thank you for very good informations.

you are welcome

I am offering something that takes time and effort.I see people who want hours worth of work who only have a 5 dollar budget.Five dollar gigs should be for easy jobs only.I will not lower my price for some cheap buyer who wants to pay 5 or 10 times less than the value of the work.I do however offer a sample gig to prove my value.I’m not going to mention what of service I do because I’m not sure if it counts as spamming or not.

great tips

I never mentioned anything like offer anything that takes a lot of work for 5$. My gigs only say 5$ because that is the maximum Fiverr let you add unless it has packages.

None of my sales are 5$ as I cannot offer my gigs for that price. I am qualified in the field and that comes with the great quality of work and higher customer satisfaction.

I checked out your profile you are here since April yet no sales yet. Maybe your prices are too high, I dunno maybe something else.