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How to make the first order if there are no clients, how to attract?

How to get started? I am always online and waiting for my clients, I worked before on another site and the clients were happy with my communication, that I always talked with them, but here there are no clients yet ):

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This is the 42 cent question.

How did you get clients in other places? What made clients choose you over similar sellers?

Are you looking at Buyer Requests - altho beware that most are really scummy jobs but every now and then then you hit a decent buyer - altho rarely at proper rates. At least a few of those get something happening as customers like to see that others have been happy with you - makes em feel safer.

You have only one job and I’ll be honest and say that it looks a bit desperate as you overpromise all over the place. Drop all that stuff that feels like begging by promising how fast you will respond etc. Also your Portfolio lacks depth. I know Fiverr makes it very hard to show creative work but have a look around to see what others have done as I looked at artists recently for a project (I couldn’t afford the ones I wanted) and some really have worked out how to showcase themselves.

These things you can work on. Other things you can do is get your work shown elsewhere to make people say “oh jeez, I want that for my project” so they start chasing you. Are there any Metal bands who are in need of a cover etc?


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Thank you very much for the answer! I realized, right now I started to engage in a new project, draw e-sports logos, collect a portfolio and will exhibit and configure gig!

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