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How to make the first sale ASAP


Well, this is a very common topic that every new seller is searching for. Once they’ve finished creating the gig then they can’t wait until the first order. Every seller in every level has faced this situation and now very few of them have became Top rated, and most of them level one and some of them level two. But still there are some, that they don’t even have a single sale. Some times they tend to ask from friends for an order. Because they might think that having a 5 start rate is going to attract more buyers. It is true that after getting the first sale, there will be more in the future. But receiving an order from an unknown buyer is totally differ than placing an order by searching the exact user and the gig by a friend of the owner. Because an unknown buyer sees the particular gig on the search list and that gig really attracts that buyer to place and order. That particular gig should be that much quality enough to make sales frequently. According to the my point of view it is useless to ask for friends to place orders if the gig is not seems to be serving a quality service to the customers. The first thing is to make it attractive and make it professional , emphasis things that buyers really need and have proofs of that the buyers get a professional service from that gig. To check whether your gig is competitive enough, try to compare with the other sellers that have good ratings.
If you passed that stage, I mean you made a good quality gig, I will give you a powerful tip that everyone know but easily ignore. ‘Buyer Requests’. Yes, this is a very good point to get the first order to a new seller. Some times you ignore it and try to promote your gig in social media. Only promoting in social media is not enough. May be the audience you share with, don’t want that service. By the sending offers to the buyers who are looking for sellers is a good chance to a new seller. My suggestion is to make the buyer need you. Explain the service better and tell them that you will support them even after completing the order. They definitely like it. Offer your service for a very low price , even lower than the price they’ve mentioned in the request. Think how the buyer thinks when he receives more messages. A buyer alway looking for a quality service for a low cost and lifetime support. Who will offer a lifetime service for 5$. You can do it. But no one will bother you after they have the right thing they wanted. Even you do modifications even after completing the order, it is not a disadvantage to you. All you need is to make the first sale and have a great feedback with 5 stars.


find it helpful… keep it up… :slight_smile:


I can’t wait to make my first sale. I am having trouble with buyers request…i dont know how to do that yet.


Simply got to selling>buyer requests and you can see the requests posted by buyers. Those requests does not lasts whole day. You should send the offer once you see it. Some times you cannot see any buyer requests. Try refreshing the browser in another time. Hope it’ll help


very useful post.thanks for your suggestion.:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Thank you surahem , this was indeed helpful


Sure it is.

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great help for newbies i me thanks :+1:



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