How to make your picture fit the screen?


A suggestion was made to fit the picture to the screen on the order page, but it was hard for me to find one that fit …that wasn’t to big. Is there a trick to re-size an image? Thanks guys!


This is not a big problem, no worries. When editing your gig or creating a new gig, at the add image part, they say 600 pixels wide and 370 pixels height. So all you need to do is re-size your image to that size. Make sure it’s in pixels. I am sure you have ‘paint’ on your computer. Open the picture in paint and look for an option to re-size it. Uncheck the ‘Maintain aspect ratio’ and go ahead and enter the values 600 and 370 in pixels respectively in horizontal and vertical. I hope this helps. Good luck! If I can do it, so can you! Here’s proof I did it:


hey I know this comment was forever ago but thanks going to go work on that now!