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How to manage 30+ orders in queue?

I came across the gigs of different people having 20 to 30+ orders in queue. Once I had 21 orders in queue and I had to cancel most of them because and I got sick from working 36 hours continuously.
How do some of the top rated with so many reviews manage to complete those orders without disturbing daily routine life and health.



You can set the limit according to your capability to complete the number of orders.


@sparx_intros is telling the truth - limit orders in queue.

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I think some people have a team that they work with


Yes, what y’all said is right. You can set a limit to the number of orders in queue. It is probably also a good idea if you are unable to manage the huge number of orders you might be getting.

But the OP’s question was not that. The OP was asking how people with an already (intentionally) huge number of orders in queue manage them. :smiley:


I know. But how do other people manage these much orders. They aren’t limiting the orders

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Yes, but read the question again. It wasn’t what I asked. I asked how other poeple are managing too much orders.

They’ve found an efficient workflow, simple as that. Making more money in less time means time for more orders.


There is no problem, working in well-organized teams.
The highest number of orders I had was 80 in 24 hours. 2 team members, 4 PC, 10-12 hours working time.


Maybe they get the order then pass it on to someone else on Fiverr, someone who has many orders would be ideal to advise you.


When I see 10 or 20+ orders in a queue, I make a mental note to avoid the seller. It’s not a question of workflow, it’s about the quality of whatever you expect to take delivery of.

Theoretically, I could handle 4 writing orders per day. However, really I like taking on just one. That way I can cradle it like a baby, bosom feed it until its a work of art, and release it into the world as a properly tweaked piece of marketing content.

Of course, it would be nice to have a fancy outsourcing set up where someone else could take care of all that for $1 per article. Really I’d like to be writing about robots.


Fully agree with this.
For anything creative or that involves thinking, planning etc, having a large queue to push through in a few days is just anti-creativity. Maybe some can do it but I can’t see that work wouldn’t suffer as a result.

While I often have 25+ orders in queue between my different gigs, I couldn’t handle more than 5 or 6 new marketing and SEO consultations in two weeks which is my delivery time for those. Translation and proofreading is a different type of thought process.

Of course I could squeeze in lots more and just churn out stuff but I did that once and during my final read through before delivery on a couple, I realised that the quality was just not up to the usual standard. It was then I set limits on the gigs but I have to manually pause them as I have monthly regulars which are a different thing.

This has worked well and as most clients message me first, I can tell them that it will be 2+ weeks til I can take them on. This has never been an issue for them and I think they appreciate the honesty, knowing that they will get my full attention when their turn comes around.


You can manually pause your gigs once you think you reach the limit!
I usually take big order with 3-4 days delivery time gap using custom offer!

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Don’t limit your number of orders, raise your prices. That has the effect of reducing the number of orders, while at the same time allowing you to earn more for the same effort. Keep pushing the price up in steps till you like the amount of orders.


I agree with @newsmike

This week alone something is going on with fiverr (I think it’s because I changed my gig video to something more high quality), and I am constantly getting 5-7 orders per week. Average price per order is around 125 dollars.

5-7 orders is manageable, but I am a student, and school starts next week. I won’t be able to handle more than 2-3 orders at a time once school starts…so I raised my prices and am hoping that the orders go down while I make more money per amount of effort I put it in. :grinning:

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Yes and you can always extend the delivery time as needed.


you can contact to other experienced sellers. i hope you can easily manage the more order.
i personally know one of my friend who can manage 180 order, Don,t worry. find out trusty friends mean sellers


This will do the trick for some, I guess:

  1. Having more than one person working on those orders (which I’m assuming is not against ToS since a lot of people state openly that they are “an agency” or “a team”).
  2. Having a longer delivery time that allows planning in advance.
  3. Providing services that don’t take 8+ hours per order to do.

Also, the total number of orders includes those in revision and those that are due in 2-3 weeks.

All that can make 20+ orders somewhat manageable. That being said, I once saw someone with 52 orders in their queue and 12-24 hours delivery and that I can’t explain.


That’s a good point. You can hire a few extra hands to complete some of your orders. But the main thing is, you should never promise to deliver products or a service which you know will overwhelm you at some point. Always make sure you are offering services which you can surely provide even at a large number.

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Oh, I’m keeping my orders at 10 active orders max (revisions excluded) at a time. I didn’t run from my office job to destroy myself with work.

But if someone is selling something that takes them 15-20 minutes to do with a long enough delivery time, a few dozens of orders are pretty realistic.

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