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How to manage chaos in business and life

I just watched polish TEDx talk about how chaos became normal aspect in life in modern society, especially in life of people that are taking unlinear route like creating business. I got very interested in topic and I think everybody will agree with me that freelancing is real business and chaos is non stop.

What should I do now? :slightly_smiling_face: Advertising? Where? Should I learn maybe? Learn what? Where? :sweat_smile: Or maybe practice? But how? What? :anger: Do I have any order? No! I need to get clients! HOW? :hot_face: What time is it? Omg… I… Need… Coffee… :tired_face:

How do you deal with chaos? Should you focus on one thing and believe that it will work? Or you just realise that chaos will be always and get along with it?


I smoke 40 cigarettes a day, never give money to charity, and I surgically remove bad influences in my life unless they are Chihuahuas.

If you want to fast-track your own process, just get a Chihuahua.


Hmm… CHAOS… used be my middle name long time ago… :smiley:… not anymore…

When I feel like I have an interview with Mr.CHAOS, I stop whatever I do & go for a beach stroll… nothing calms me more to think straight… (just 10 minutes drive or 45 minutes walk…) or I love to walk around my garden (listen to the bees). If I can find play with Miss Mummy (my neighbor’s cat).

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Practice any martial arts and yoga, or chi kung… And eat a lot of chocolate! :joy:

Now, seriously… Practicing the above will teach you perseverance, self-control and how to center yourself - things that will help you, among others, to stay focused and to reduce anxiety and stress.


I like the idea of chocolate!! …

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I did actually practiced martial arts but self-control is not really what im looking for (but i should :smile:) I just feel like sometimes Im more thinker than doer and just waste time irrevocably because there are so much things to do that I just don’t know what to catch.

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That’s the one I like the most! :joy:

If you practice consciously, and not only for doing exercise or whatever, you will learn to prioritize and to manage frustration. You’ll also be able to quickly identify which things you’re really capable of doing.

Yes, there are lots of things to be done, but we’re not always able to do them, or even capable of doing most of them - no matter how big our desires may be.



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Just get a Chihuahua. :wink:

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I have border collie :dog:

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Chaos in business means there are many unexpected variables, in that case you need to set vision, if there are only few variables so set a goal.

Chaos in life means there are many fools (wise opposite), in that case you need to accept the fact and turn it into a good thing because chaos is out of your control.


How I manage my chaos:
DGL licorice
garlic supplements and cloves
krill oil
mastic gum capsules
:candle: :candle: :candle:

Have you a chaos in your hormones and neurotransmitters :thinking:

Take time to relax. Don’t rush all the time. Maybe think about therapy if you can afford it.

I think much people misunderstood what I was asking in this topic. It’s not about stress control but more about time management and focus especially as a freelancer :slight_smile:

Ah, time management’ makes sense, though the thread title implies ‘stress control’ more. On that front, then: lists. Lots of lists so I have visuals and can prioritize more easily. Lists for what needs to be done around the house, lists for work, sub lists for specific tacks within either of those larger scopes. Thank goodness for whiteboards and sticky-notes (both real and desktop).

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